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Anonymous asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 7 years ago

First time PPR.. How did I do?

12 person league with 1PT PPR


QB passing TD worth 4

Russel Wilson

Carson Palmer

Reggie Bush

Frank Gore

Ben Tate

Vick Ballard

Jonathon Dywer

Calvin Johnson

Dwayne Bowe

Tavon Austin

Miles Austin

Michael Floyd

Jimmy Graham

Bengals DST

David Akers

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  • 7 years ago
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    QBs: Russell WIlson should put up solid numbers with the zone read though it does hurt that Harvin is gone now. His receiving core isnt necessarily strong but he is a very smart football player and a smart runner so he should do just fine for you.

    I like Carson Palmer as a backup with a lot of upside. With Bruce Arians as his offensive coordinator and his first true receiving threat in a long time he has a chance to post some pretty strong numbers. His Oakland numbers weren't awful by fantasy standards and with Arians calling the plays he could post numbers similar to Andrew Luck last year in terms of yards and attempts. INTs and TDs are kind of an unknown to an extent.

    Reggie Bush, assuming good health, will be an absolute fantasy monster this year in PPR as the lions throw to their RBs more than most teams, maybe even the most now with Bush in the mix. Joique Bell had above 60 catches and he's no Bush.

    Frank Gore kind of worries me this year as he seems to be slowing down and with Kaepernick around to steal carries and TDs as well as a committee of RBs behind him. But I've doubted him and been proven wrong before. If you could trade him and maybe Miles or Tavon Austin for a better RB, like a Matt Forte or something then you'd be set IMO

    Tate is a good handcuff for Foster and he should get touches but will be unpredictable in terms of production unless Foster is out for a significant amount of time. If that happens look for Tate's value to skyrocket. If Foster's owner has another storng RB candidate i.e. Forte or MJD try to make a move using Ben Tate and Foster's dwindling stats and injury history as motivators

    Ballard should get touches once Bradshaw is hurt, which he most likely will be and the new OC for Indy likes to run the ball

    Dwyer is what he is in a committee approach by the Steelers who have as many as 4 RB options.

    Calvin is calvin. nuff said.

    I personally love Dwayne Bowe's chances this year. He has produced with Matt Cassell who is no Alex Smith. That's not to say that Smith is anything special but he can throw the ball at least. I look for Bowe to have a big year, baring injury, with his only real threat to targets being Jamaal Charles. Andy Reid throws to set up the pass if you didn't know and I don't expect that to be any different in KC. He made Vick throw 50+ times once and Vince Young as well.

    Austin is a bit of an unkown but if you believe what is being said about him then he could be a sneaky Flex option in PPR leagues this sesason as he seems almost guaranteed for touches wither at WR, RB, the slot or PR. But he is small and could be a looming injury risk

    Miles Austin should continue to post solid numbers and could also be a flex option in PPR as the cowboys will look to throw and throw some more just like last season. He won't beat Dez for targets but he will get looks from Romo.

    Floyd is hurt and has a history of injuries. If Vincent Brown is around i'd try and roster him if I could.

    Graham is graham.

    D/ST and K are kinda up and down. hard to predict most of the time

    Overall solid job with a very strong WR core IMO. QB should be fine. RB, assuming bush is healthy could be good but if you pulled off a trade for someone a little better than Gore then I think you almost certainly make the playoffs in your league.

    Source(s): Fantasy Player and devout NFL follower/Eagles Fan
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  • Erich
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Honestly I like this team a lot. Calvin Johnson and Jimmy Graham are obvious studs and should give you huge point totals every week. I like Bowe having a nice bounce back season this year. Bush should be huge in PPR this year in Detroit and Gore is a solid number 2 back. Only thing I don't like is your depth at RB and WR so you may struggle at your flex spot. Maybe one of your receivers will break out or Foster will miss some games or you'll find someone on the waiver wire.

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