reformat my windows 7 Dell desktop?

Having a lot of trouble returning my computer back to normal because of malware and other things.

I have restore it still does not help. would like help to reformatting hard drive?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi wpaleriders,

    I am Kaveri from the Dell Social Media Outreach team.

    You can reinstall the windows through Genuine windows DVD. Please find the steps below for the same.

    - Put the windows DVD in drive and shut down the system.

    - Then start the system and immediately hit F12 key to get the boot menu.

    - Select CD/DVD option and then follow the instructions.

    You can follow this link to reinstall windows 7:-

    Note# Make sure you take data backup before operating system re installation.

    In case of any further assistance Please feel free to contact me directly by sending a reply to this blog.

    We would recommend you do not post your private information on a public forum.

    Thanks & Regards


    Dell Social Media Responder

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  • 7 years ago

    Throw In the Dell Windows 7 DVD Hit Any Key When Prompted.

    Then Format Hard Drive

    Let Windows Install.

    Have A Cup Of Coffee

    and Poof 15 Minutes Later You'll Have Windows 7 Running As Good As New.

    Please Be Sure To Backup All Your Important Documents Because When You Format the Hard Drive everything and I mean EVERYTHING will be destroyed. Good Luck. Oh and One More Thing During POST Don't Forget To Hit F12 on the keyboard To Get the Boot Menu If It isn't Setup For Your Bios.

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  • ricky
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    7 years ago

    WARNING only do this if you have the disc to install windows 7 becasue you will tecnically be deleting windows including all your files so back them up if you haven't

    1 download manajro linux here

    2 put manajro on a blank flash drive with unetbootin instruction on the page in the link boot

    3 boot manjaro from the flash drive by presssing either F8 or F12 when the first boot comes up then selecting the USB stick or flash drive option from the list you get

    4 as soon as manjaro boots press the logo in the bottem left corner and type in gparted press enter when a diolog comes up asking for a password type in manjaro

    5 when gparted finishes loading right click on the NTFS partition that windows 7 uses and move your cursor down to format then on the munu produced NTFS that will reformat your drive so it is ready to have a fresh install of windows 7 good luck :)

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  • 7 years ago
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