Army/National Guard regs on PT?

I work as a contractor on a National Guard base and some of us like to play basketball after work. Some of the dual-status fed techs play with us as part of their allotted 1-hour PT time. One day a warrant officer told them they are not allowed to do any "contact sports" for PT under Army regs. (Basketball being called a contact sport is ridiculous but that is another topic). Does anyone know what regulation he could be referring to? We really want to find a way around this or some kind of loophole to prove him wrong and let these guys back on the court!


Yeah I'm definitely not ignorant f*ckhead. Basketball is a limited-contact sport...NOT a full-contact sport. Obviously playing basketball involves some contact but the rules are designed specifically to prevent contact.

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  • 8 years ago
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    FM 21-20 and AR 350-1 covers Army PT

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    8 years ago

    if you think basketball isn't a contact sport then you are some other sort of ignorant, and soldiers are prohibited from physical contact its basic reg which makes contact sports off limits unless the commanding officer isn't strict.

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