Help me with instagram?

So on instagram i would like to do videos, everyday. Maybe 2 times a day. I just dont know what to make them about. Other people on instagram do hair how to's everyday, but that is just one example. I just dont know what to make my videos about? Your answers are much appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Shock! Heartthrob Biebs has become the first person to earn one million likes for an Instagram video post.

    The video, which shows the pop sensation filming his personal video off the new Instagram function. He is shirtless, he is cackling like a five-year-old and since the upload on 20 June, over 1,270,000 people of his 9,000,000 followers have watched him.

    But the 19-year-old is not the only one getting into the trend. we have collected the first Instagram videos from a whole bunch of familiar faces. From Madonna’s groin dancing to Jimmy Fallon’s crazy eyes, check out what celebs do on their “downtime.”

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