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the secret garden

Describe the most impressive part of the book and explain the reason.

At least 150 words.



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    To Yue ,Please HW must be done by yourself, all answer should be in Simple Present Tense:-

    Describe the most impressive part of "Secret Garden"---and explain the reason:-

    ---The Secret Garden (1911) by Frances Hodgon Burnett tells us the romantic story of the romantic story of the generation and regeneration of 2 sick, spoiled child,Mary Lennox and her cousin Colin, through contact with nature. It is one of the most intricately symbolic book in children literature.

    ----Reading dates back to reading Mary(heroine) through her fight back over the bully by the housekeeper, the original discoverer to the secret garden relating to her dead aunt , the needless to say the nursing treatment on her offer to help Colin (hero) exercising to a healthy life through contact with nature of sunshine and fresh air.

    -----In the ending of the story (in simple present tense) is the most impressive part of the book.When uncle dreams of his wife in this episode outside the house when away, and the social-family contact inside displays a family feeling from father to son interactive with his getting to walk through the garden of a virtual ,imaginative meeting with wife and the actual warmly embracing his son. It is adventurous and exciting to see how his son has grown up a tall strong young boy(Colin) complete with the members of his family so naturally in the Secret Garden.

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