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Fantasy Football Quarterback Situation?

Should I draft a quarterback for Fantasy Football in the 4th round or later? All of the experts say that if you stack up on running backs and wide recievers early and get an average quarterback later your team could be better instead of drafting a quarterback in the 2nd or 1st round. The problem though is I am in a league with 14 people and I have 14th pick, but I have first pick in 2nd round, so should I wait and not draft a quarterback early in a 14 man league.

Let me know and Thanks for your answers.

Also who should I draft that you think will be open with a 14th pick in the first round?

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    Hey Tim,

    The thing with quarterbacks is that last year there wasn't an extraordinary difference between the #1 and the #12 quarterback. Specifically, the difference between the #1 and #12 QB was about 6 points per game.

    The second factor is that every team only starts 1 quarterback, yet there are 32 quarterbacks in the league. So there are more than enough quarterbacks to go around for every team.

    This year you should be able to get a good quarterback in the 3rd or 4th round, even after that. But there won't be nearly as much running back or wide receiver talent at that point.

    In a 14 team league, you MUST draft at least 1 running back, possibly 2. So your options are RB-RB or RB-WR. I think you should look at what running backs will be available to you in rounds 3 and 4 and ask yourself if you can live with a player of that caliber as your #2 RB. If you can, go RB-WR. If you can't, go RB-RB.

    Check out our full running back rankings below, in a 14 team you may be forced to take 2 of the top 15. On our site you can also create your own customized running back rankings for your draft. It's 100% free.


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    I'm in a league where points will determine who wins. which defense Broncos, packers, Eagles or 49er's?

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