Help finding a new computer!?

I have noooo idea what kind of computer i should get. All i know is, it needs to be portable, i need to be able use it for digital art, graphic design, writing AND i also really want to be able use it for games such as wow or league of legends. Also if its not crazy, q touch screen would be pretty fancy, and convenient for art. :3 I have a Mac desk top at home, but i cant stand it!! It drives me nuts because games are such a hassle. So i would really super like it if it weren't a mac if possible. Money wise, at this point i dont really care, just under a 900 somthing, or under 1000, if possible. I dont care about how it looks or how much it weighs, just quality and if it can do all the things i want :) Thanks so much to who ever can find such a magical computer lol

1 Answer

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