Is My Friend Trying to Make Me Jealous? 10pts.?

I would love to know. It would mean a lot of you would read through this whole thing:

I moved to a new school last year and about into the end of the first quarter or the middle of the second, I met my BFF Abby, but I don't know if she is my BFF anymore... anyway, we were instantly friends and I thought she was the type of person everyone likes so I became really good friends with her.

Near the end of the year I found out a lot about her. She apparently bragged about her acting skills and her archery because she apparently had a bow or whatever, and I found this out: wow, she brags a lot. And she doesn't seem to find any of my news interesting.

So near the end of the year on the last day of school, the whole school was getting their names drawn for awards and prizes and I cheered for them and stuff. But she apparently didn't want me to and she told me to stop but I wanted to. So she literally screamed in my ear and when I told her: "what the heck?" she said "You were doing that to me" and she switched seats with someone who she claimed to hate.

Which brings me onto another topic. She says she hated everyone BUT me. She would even say it to their face. And so she was acting like a female dog to me.

So I left her alone until her birthday party a few days later. Lets just say it didn't go well and she ended up acting lie a completely spoiled brat at the end, even though I did absolutely NOTHING.

So we didn't talk for the whole summer until my mom invited her to some festival and she said she really missed me and we were back to the old times but she took the time to brag that she started horseback riding at some really fancy place where she was learning saddle seat riding.

Horseback riding is everything to me. I have been doing it for three 1/2 years and she decided over the summer she wanted to choose the snottiest place and ride.

When I told her she was learning saddle seat riding she said, oh but I want to learn what you are and she refused to switch because she wanted to make me jealous that she was riding at some place better than me or whatever.

So when school started she started to completely ignore me and obsess over someone new. She acted like she was having so much fun with them and never felt the need to talk to me other than to brag about something. WOOOOW. So anyway, two weeks ago we went out for the school play, and I was "excited" to see her "Amazing acting" and personally she wasn't good.... at all...... No offense.

And she had been ignoring me and laughing really loud and pretending to have something SOOOOO interesting going on with her friends.

And finally.... neither of us are popular, we are the nerds but we have lots of really good friends. Well, I do. And she literally went up to the popular girls (Well the least popular populars) and she made "buddies" with them, and she casually brought them over to me and started talking about... yes... horseback riding. She was bragging and got them to say "wow maybe I should do horseback riding like you" and It MADE ME MAD!!!!! I couldn't control it and I let it show. I stormed away and I knew behind my back she probably had some sort of a wicked grin. The whole rehearsal she kept bringing them over to where I was and laughing and literally hugging them to death.

Yes, I do have a small desire in my heart to be popular, and Abby knows that... I told her and she agreed she REALLY wanted to also. So I know she is probably trying to make me jelous.

And I looking at this the wrong way? Is she just being harmless and well.... over me? Or is she trying to make me jealous, is this all part of her plan to make me jealous and come crawling back to her, or am I just being bias?

Please answer. The most helpful answer will get TEN POINTS :) :) :) ;) Thank you so much.

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    First what I want to say is... wow. This really did escalate fast, and yes, Abby wants you to be her puppet by making you angry whenever she wants. However, it's obvious she confuses your anger with jealousy. I suggest you do the following:

    1) Cut off ALL ties with her. You shouldn't want to be friends with such a manipulative girl.

    2) Understand Abby is the immature one who is focused on making others jealous. Once you realize you are much more mature than her, you should feel calm. It's just like having a little bratty sibling who wants to copy everything you do.

    3) If Abby tries to talk to you with the purpose of trying to make you jealous, be calm and composed. It will bug her that whatever she says to you doesn't affect you. Imagine it this way, the more you feed the monster (Abby), the stronger it gets. Your anger makes Abby stronger.

    For example, if Abby said, "Maybe I should do horseback riding like you." Just say calmly, "I don't teach amateurs." or " Oh how's that going? Did you fall off the horse yet? Meh, I bet it kicked you anyway considering you're such a priss." Whenever you talk to her, REMEMBER: BE. CALM. AND. CONFIDENT.

    Now to answer your popularity question:

    1) Popularity seriously doesn't matter. Being a "nerd" just means you are intelligent. Intelligence will get you further than anyone else, and I bet you get better grades than Abby.

    2) Stick with friends who provide you happiness and comfort during the great times and the difficult times. Mostly, be surrounded by people who RESPECT you, not degrade you.

    3) However, I would be lying if I said no one should desire popularity. If you want to be popular, it's not that difficult of a task.

    4) Are you that quiet kid in class but are funny in front of your friends? Don't be that quiet kid! Show your classmates that you are funny, smart, and sensible.

    5) In class, ask a lot of questions and also impress others with your intelligence! If someone seems to need help, help them out and make conversation.

    6) Do you have a hobby? Join clubs! It's always amazing to be surrounded by people who have similar interests.

    7) Don't be so consumed with wanting to be popular that you aren't being you. Nobody likes posers! Even you wouldn't like not being yourself!

    Best of luck! Just remember, be calm, be confident, and be you! :D

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    She doesnt sound like a very good friend. Sounds like the type who gets of in starting drama and making others feel bad. Make friends with some people other than her and next time she brags about where she horse back rides, just say "wow, so you must be having a really tough time learning it if you need all the best teachers" and then walk away. Youre a noce girl and need friends that actually wanna see you happy

  • 6 years ago

    It seems to me that she is just being stuck up. It could be that she is attempting to make you jealous, but really if she is acting the way you say, was she really that good of a friend in the first place? Just take the high road and get over it. Friends come and go. Obviously she isn't a very good one. In the end, you know who your true friends are, and she isn't one. You seem to be a nice girl, but you don't deserve this. Stand up for yourself! Then she will realize that she can't push your buttons anymore!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    She is jealous or just wants your attention. You have a right to cheer for them but she is delusional or trying to make you feel bad. If she ditched you for someone else then she isn't exactly a great friend to you.

    Popularity isn't important, you need to be yourself. I mean your true self. Not someone you are not. Don't give up. Life isn't easy and sometimes we go through times that are hard or easy. If Abby went to the Popular girls then she is trying to give you revenge to make you jealous.

    If she keeps doing this still, then go find another friend that is nice to you or you could settle like a discussion with your parents and her parents.

    Just remember to think positive. You will get through this.

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  • 6 years ago

    She isn't trying to make you jealous. she is just trying to climb the social ladder. she has a desperate need to be popular and she is doing everything she can to get to the top. she doesn't care who she is hurting and while you are obsessing over her trying to make you jealous, she only has herself and her goal in mind. my advice would be to move on with your life. you don't need anyone like that around you let alone someone you consider a friend or may have considered a friend in the past. after reading the history behind your relationship with this girl i would assume she was never really even trying to be your friend in the first place

  • Sandra
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    4 years ago

    Maybe she is jealous. Or Maybe just can't see u dating another girl meaning she kinda likes u sometimes when girls have guy friends they tend to get a little jealous even if they don't like like them

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Um, yes. She is a fake biatch. Forget about her.

  • Babe, this won't matter in 5 years.

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