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name of european candy?

last year my grandma went to europe and bought a bunch of chocolate and candy. there was this one that was sooo good. i finished it all and my mom threw away the package so now i forgot the name. it was a chocolate bar made of small crispy chocolate balls kinda like coco krispies but more round and chocolatier

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Is it kind of like the Crunch bar? It could be from the Cadbury range. I tried almost all of the Cadbury chocolate bars in Ireland! It could be something totally different though since its from the UK, and not Ireland. Yet, Cadbury is very popular all around Europe and we only get about 3 flavors in the US out of the entire range, which isn't fair! I would love to see most of the range in the US! I especially love the new Dairy Milk with Oreos, mint, Crunchies, and choc toffee popcorn! Had to bring a bunch back with me! I also love the Aero chocolate range! I'm also thinking it could be a Nestle Toffee Crisp that I am eating right now.

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