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BSOD BlueScreen Crash help?

OK So I have a Dell Inspiron desktop Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit and all of a sudden I'm getting BSOD errors. It just flashes across the screen for a few seconds so I cant even read it really. I downloaded CCLeaner a registry cleaner to clean up the registry but nothing helped. I even did a system restore and that didn't help. I thought maybe Google Chrome was the issue since it'd been acting up recently so I uninstalled it but I reinstalled it and then today it just disappeared from my desktop and I don't know. Also, I've realized that when I use my comouter during the days it seems to experience these crashes but at night around 11pm or later it works fine and everything seems ok. I'm confused. Can anyone tell how to fix this. (I'm not a tech geek so please keep it simple so I can actually understand)

Please. :( Thanks

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    Your first step should be disabling the automatic restart on BSOD:

    Then wait for it to happen again and take note of the error messages & codes. Once you have those we can try to pin point what is causing it. At this point it seems to be hardware related but you can't know for sure until you get the actual message.

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