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janhoi asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 8 years ago

Question about President Obama.............?

Are people really that surprised that the change they expected hasn't come as instantly, or far reaching as they had hope under him?

What I mean is this. Recently he has gotten a lot of criticism(rightly so) for things like maintaining the Military Industrial Complex, Drone Strikes(which are war crimes in my estimation), his administration's treatment of Bradley(Chelsea) Manning, Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers, and other things in which people believe he did not go for far reaching change.

Now, personally, when Obama was elected, I was never under the impression that because an African American(or a Democrat) was on top, that everything in the system would all of a sudden change. I only saw his victory as symbolic of the fact that everyone can make it to the topic, but I also knew that in order to change the system, their would have to be constant pressure from the grassroots.

In an interesting way it reminds of when Nelson Mandela was elected as President of South Africa. When he was elected i was a huge victory because it symbolized the end of Apartheid, and he was the first Black president of South Africa. But when you actually look at his time in office, he didn;t go for the far reaching change people expected him to go for.

Under him, the inequalities between blacks and whites remained the same economically, and even got worst in some instances. He supported the Washington Consensus and Neo liberal economics(and also maintained favor with many white investors because of the fact that they owned a significant amount of the Capital in his country). He failed to significantly address HIV/AIDS, which devastated the black community in South Africa.

So I think this should be a lesson that, just because you have a person of color on top, does not mean the system itself will change

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  • 8 years ago
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    Umm yes?

  • Simon
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    8 years ago

    No, I am not at all surpised. I am a South African and I was at the home of my business partner - who is married to Anfrican American man - in JOhannesburg, when the Obama election results were announced, so I can answer you from two perspectives.

    As a white South African, there was always the suspicion that the ANC under Nelson Mandela would fail to achieve the objectives they declared prior to the end of apartheid and during the run-up to the first democratic election. It was like listening to children speak about adult affairs. Does that sound terrible? It is not meant to be nasty. I am acutely conscious of the injustice of apartheid, but I am also acutely conscious that 4 x 4 = 16, not 24, or 42, or whatever number you would like it to be in keeping with your political beliefs.

    On the night (S.A. time) of the announcement of the Obama election results my business partner had called a meeting with me but she and her husband were so excited that she couldn't bring herself to do any work, and she expected me to share that excitement, but I could not do so. I was not opposed to Barak Obama, but I thought that I could see through the man. Anyone who chants "Yes, we can" eighteen thousand times is proving that they are a good chanter, not proving that they are a competent governer, ruler, administrator, decision-maker, and/or leader.

    I do not hate the man, not for one minute do I hate him, but for the life of me I cannot understand how it is that a majority if US citizens reached the conclusion that Barak Obama would necessarily be a superb governer of the United States. On what basis? I mean this: on what basis?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Comrade Obama is turning out to be tough like Stalin. I had expected him to be more like Nikita Khrushchev.

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