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How do you guys in the United States feel about your drinking law?

I'm a 20 year old male from England and over here you can start buying alcohol when you're 18. The culture over here is you start drinking in school (Not every single person obviously but where i'm from thats the case - i started around the age of 14) I'm not aware if every state has the same law on alcohol so don't be too harsh.. What's the culture over there like? Does it differ from state to state?

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    Let me tell you something about the drinking laws here in the States. Just because the laws says that one must be 21 years old in order to purchase or consume alcohol doesn't mean that everyone adheres to it. Lots of people under the age of 21 sneak around and drink underage. I did it when I was under aged. Drinking was a lot more fun when it was illegal to do so. I personally drank more between the ages of 17-21 than I did since I turned 21.

    If you ask me, they need to lower the drinking age for people who serve in the armed forces to 18. If a man or woman can be asked to go to war and die their country, they should have the right to drink as they please.

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    It's Basically All The Same As Far As I Can Tell.

    I Think It's Pretty Stupid, But Only Because It Promotes Excessive Drinking When You Are Of Age.

    Beer At 18 And Liquor At 21 Would Make Sense To Me

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    It's 21 in every state of the US.

    Everyone under 21 thinks it's stupid. All the parents think it's great. All the 18-20 yr olds in college just have someone else buy booze for them or get a fake ID.

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    During the Vietnam war. There was no law that said you had to be 21 to drink insted to US said if you can vote or fight for your cuntry you can drink, lol so at 18 you could drink. But after the war people came home and were treated like baby killers and people spit on them. ( cowards ) then people started to get hurt to much, to immature to handle it. So the riased the up to 21 and it stuck. :( i dont think it differs from state to state but people drink way before they are 21 lol. I started at 13

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    Your culture is more mature than ours. Here in America, we have no sense of consequences or social morality.

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