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what are some good quality dog food brands?

My 2 year old Chihuahua/Pug mix used to eat Beneful playful life.. he also eats the Nutro Max Natural chicken meal and rice and seems to enjoy it. i was researching this brand and saw a lot of bad reviews and stories about dogs becoming sick and having seizures while on Nutro Max and Not to long ago he experienced a seazure. im thinking of switching his food to something that will keep him healthy for a long time!

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    Nutro is a great food. I have been feeding my dogs Nutro for over 5 years now and they have all been extremely healthy. Nutro actually has all of their research done at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition in England, the top research center for dogs and cats worldwide, by the worlds top vets. If there was anything in the food that was causing issues with seizures or anything Nutro would not put it in. Everything that is in a bag or can of Nutro is very specially designed in order to work best for your dog.

    If you are worried about the Max line, you could definitely go to a higher end part of the Nutro line and either try the Ultra or Natural Choice lines. The Ultra is the holistic food, so it has many different ingredients (such as bluberries, cranberries and pomegranates) which are great for your dogs immune system. It also has chicken, lamb, and salmon which makes it extremely healthy for dogs. I also personally like to feed Nutro because I know that Nutro makes all of their own products in their USA facilities and do over 600 quality checks on their products each day. This makes me very comfortable knowing that I am feeding some of the highest quality food there is.

    I hope that helps!


    Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company

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    I feed Taste of the Wild. Other good foods: Natural Balance, Solid Gold, Orijen, Acana, and Fromm.

    It's best to figure out what you can afford/how much you're willing to spend. Then go from there. There are plenty of dog food ratings online you can check out.

    I would not recommend Iams - it's not really much better than Beneful.

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    I feed my pup Simply Nourish, it's a good natural brand, and not too expensive. If you are looking for extremely nice quality, I suggest Wellness, but expect to pay $90 for a bag!

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    you will see where it will be going for the extra price if can afford the 5 star dog foods (it is actually better then the human's are eating) less waste, good health.


    taste of the wild

    blue buffalo (good for dogs with allergies)

    any of those you cant be steered wrong.

    Source(s): you wont find these in supermarket you will want a pet specialty or a feed store they carry it. costco has the generic version of 2 of the blue buffalo formula's (its better then feeding a 1 to 2 star dog food) if price is issue.
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    I feed my dog Eukenuba bisquits daily with a small chunk of dog meat sliced up and mixed in, Eukenuba is definitly one of the best, its expensive but worth it, have to buy it from petstores or vets thou :)

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    Iams is a good brand!

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