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Anyone take Proair HFA with a Beta blocker?

My doctor prescribed me Proair HFA (albuterol) and Propranolol ( beta blocker ) I asked him if they interact and he said no, and that the proranolol with help stop heart palpitation caused by the albuterol. So I was shocked when I went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist about interactions. Anyone else take these 2 drugs? The proair is for light ashma and the propranolol is for heart rate and palpitations.

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    there is indeed an interaction between these two medications. The albuterol, in order to have its intended effect, needs to act on certain receptors in your airway (these are a type of beta receptor). The beta blocker you mentioned (propranolol) actually blocks not only the beta receptors on your heart (which reduces the heart rate) but also the beta receptors in your airway, which can reduce the effectiveness of the albuterol. There are more heart-selective beta blockers (metoprolol, for example) that have much less effect on the respiratory beta receptors and would pose less risk of interaction than the propranolol --- you should discuss more with your pharmacist and physician

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