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Could I be pregnant?

I'm only 15 and my bf is 17 I'm 16 in 29day's thoo, don't give me none of the crap that you can't have symptom's this early beacuse iv read online loads of people have so don't bother -.-, me and him has had unprotected sex 6 times and he's *** inside me everytime, its been 2 day's and iv been feeling sick, dizzy, lightheaded, eating a lot, dry throught, and cramp's and head ach's, does this sound like I could be pregnant? I do want a baby and so does he but I feel like I'm to young and so is he, and we've only been going out 12 days so were not in a stable relationship I know I'll have family's surport and I'd never even think of an abourtion can someone useful help please? I don't go to school and still live with my mum but my bf is trying to get a flat and he wants me to move in with him, he doesn't have a job yet and nor do I but if I am I know he'd try his hardest to get one and surport us and like I said iv alway's got my family, anybody know what I can do and if I could be pregnant? Xxx

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    2 days from sex, you would not have any symptoms! It's impossible because technically, you wouldn't be pregnant after 2 days. It takes between 6 and 12 days for a fertilized egg to implant into the lining of your uterus. Only once that has taken place is your body going to register that you are pregnant. You say yourself that you are too young for a baby, so why not use birth control? Having a baby is something you need to be ready for emotionally and financially and neither you or your boyfriend are. Please use protection in the future. Your only options right now are to either go get plan B (morning after pill) ASAP or wait to see if you miss your period. I am not judging you but I really wish for you to take a more proactive approach in your sex life. Good luck to you.

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    Honestly, you are being very naive about the situation. The women who happen to have "symptoms" that early probably worried their self into pregnancy, not knowing what was happening and actually happened to be pregnant. I've done it before when I was a teen, worried myself into feeling the symptoms, and I was never pregnant. You are way to young to be having a baby and you and your boyfriend don't work nor have any means to care for a child. Plus, only 12 days of dating? You have your whole life ahead of you, don't throw it away on some guy who you don't even know will be there for you and your child years down the road. Go back to school and make a life for yourself and then try for a child when you have the means to take care of them. Your family will not want to support you forever. Either way, I wish you luck. Take a test and if it comes out positive, get a good doctor and take care of yourself. And go back to school!

    Source(s): 16 weeks pregnant with baby #1 (and symptoms didnt start until 8 weeks)
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