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Why do people bash Scientology as a rip off when Christians pay 10 percent to their churches?

We don't even ask for 10 can go up the bridge for free if you want to volunteer with us, and people only pay for the technology they feel is useful for them, so it comes out to a LOT less than 10 percent in most cases, and they are helping to save the planet.

If it's okay to bash a religion for having money, why don't people focus on the Catholics? They have much more money and they take it from poor third world people who could be better helped taking a Scientology course than going to a mass.


Not true: Scientology has a money back guarantee that most of the media overlook reporting on, and as I said if you volunteer you can go up the bridge at little or no cost.

Update 2:

Well it depends- there are set prices but also a sliding scale. Some people with more money choose to give more and those with less pay what they can. Yes, people can get their money back for the courses they took if they feel they got nothing from it.

Update 3:

You can get your money back for the courses you take at list price but anything more is considered a donation...there have been people who expected the church to give them back every penny (including what they donated for buildings, schools, and other programs) but that's ridiculous.

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    Several reasons:

    1) Tithing in Christian churches is generally voluntary, not compulsory.

    2) CofS (church of Scn) does not always honor its money back guarantee. Quite a few people who ask for their money back are denied or jerked around so much that they give up.

    3) I personally know people who'd spent half of a million to a million in CofS when they were in. That's insane.

    4) CofS also talks people into selling and refinancing their homes- I was asked to try to refinance my MOTHER IN LAW'S HOUSE.

    5) Although CofS does have policies against loan arranging, they do it anyway. Google Raul Lopez. They totally took advantage of that guy. And just about everyone I know in CofS was encouraged to max out their credit cards. I don't know of any Catholics or Protestants encouraged to do that.

    6) Freeloader debts. If a person was on staff (and they average FAR LESS than minimum wage and often go hungry) and they leave before their contract was up, they are charged for all the training and auditing they got. Even though they worked all that time. That is called a freeloader debt. I got one once. It was padded. It had stuff on there that I'd paid for with my own money. They also wanted to charge me for room and board while staying at the higher org. Problem with that? Ummm, I was staying with family who were not and had never been affiliated with CofS. Ripoff and uber dishonest.

    7) Sea Org staff often have their possessions gone through and confiscated. No reimbursement, either. They live in terrible conditions.

    The church of Scientology rips off its members. In addition to high course and auditing costs, they have high membership dues and constant fundraisers on top of that. If you blow off a fundraiser, they threaten to send you to ethics.

    edit to comment to ThetaWorks' ad hominem comments:

    Well, TW, I left the Catholic church willingly and gladly. There's nobody to blame, nobody picked on me, it was fine. I just think original sin and heaven and hell are b.s. I'm surprised that you'd imply that there's got to be some kind of problem with that. And in fact, one of the reasons I left was that I was then, a young Scientologist, learning about past lives. Once I realized that there were past lives and found them in auditing sessions, I knew that Christianity and I were incompatible. Also, the IRS/CofS agreement- which was signed some years after that- states that although Scientologists can have whatever other religion they like, that the church expects them to eventually have only CofS as their church. However, that's not why I ditched Catholicism. I also had- and still have- strong disagreements with their stance on birth control and certain other related issues. So now you know.

    Point of fact, I *have* given examples on YA of specific events that happened to friends of mine AND of specific events that happened to me. In fact I did so in my original answer here- where I said I was personally asked to mortgage my mother in law's house. I also specifically mentioned the lies and padding on my freeloader debt. I'm surprised those don't seem to you like specific answers based on my experiences.

    If you'd really like to go there *again* then feel free to post a question on YA asking exes about anything they may have experienced. I've gone public numerous times with things that happened to me- both negative and positive- with names, dates and places and if you somehow need a refresher, then post your own dang yahoo answers question. Put your metaphorical money where your mouth is.

    If something has occurred, then it has. I don't consider the truth to be hate speech. Believe me, I cut far more slack to church members still involved and to Hubbard and to the philosophy than quite a few exes do. And I've been quite patient with you. Count your blessings.

    Source(s): I'm a former member.
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    The "Church" (spit) of Scientology has a fixed fee for "services" (read: auditing and lessons on how to scream at ashtrays and be screamed at without reacting. Money back guarantee? Well, not so much. Not only don't they honor this, but as far as volunteering for services, one must sign a billion year contract for that. And if you leave the Sea Org you will get hit with a freeloader debt.

    Choose to give more? Gee, the people *I* talk to say they were pressured into giving money. The "Church" (spit) is still calling people to donate money to open the Super Power Building more than a decade after they first broke ground, and it's still not open. People are pressured to "donate money" to buy buildings for local orgs, then the local orgs are charged rent for these nearly empty buildings. Quite the scam. This is not a church. Churches perform charity--the only thing the "Church"(spit) gives away for free is slave labor to their pet celebrities.

    And your local org doesn't have Sunday mass or other worship services.

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    People rarely bash Scientology. They bash the Church of Scientology. Independent Scientologists worldwide deliver Scientology services at a fraction of the cost of the CofS and often adhere to the standard practices of Scientology far more accurately than the CofS.

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    People are asked to tithe 10% of their earnings to help support the minister, the Church expenses etc. They use the service so why not contribute to keep it there? Over a lifetime this can come to 100s of thousands. In Scientology, we pay for what services we want. It costs to deliver them and only those who consider that they are entitled to receive services for free are expecting others to work for what they receive.


    Such generalities. This is rant, vent or hate speech. By your own admission, you're not only ex-Scientologist, but ex-Christian. Who do you blame that on? Your "atrocity stories" are frequently what other people say, never your own, so you pass on hearsay and false data. This is hatred. You lack any credibility whatsoever.

    All payments to the Church are voluntary. People pay for what they want to receive. Just because it isn't true for you doesn't mean it isn't true for those who support the Church and it's social benefit programs. You always "forget" to mention those in your vitriol.

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    If anybody speaks out against scientology, the cult (certainly is NOT a "church") will apply it's fair game policy. Look it up, you will find it. My sources are correct.

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    Your not a scientologist. Ive known some of them nut jobs, tried to get me to sign up, talked to a recruiter, cant remember yhe name, anyways he asked sone questions I gave him stupid answers, it was sll informal, not at a centrt, I immediately brought up financial problems, and he said no problem, I could work for my courses, I would have to still pay, something, when I asked if I didnt like what I was being taught, I can get my money back he said no one gets their money back, because I oayed for insight, and you cant take that away, I told him what I thought about his cult how retarted it all was and that was it, I latrt foubd out my friend who left claimed they gave him a bill for lessobs he did fully payfor....

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    Wait, a money back guarantee? How much do you have to give them to become a member or whatever?

    Oh, okay then.

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