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i have latex paint over oil paint, placing oil primer and then waiting will i be ok to paint with latex after?

someone told me this would be ok if I waited at least a week before painting over it

, however someone else said I would have to get the latex off the oil paint and then paint with primer?

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is a problematic situation if you believe there is no primer between the oil and the latex paint. Sanding the oil paint would have helped without primer, but again, it sounds like you don't know.

    Removing paint is a very messy and hard process.

    I'd test scrape a few areas to see how well the latex has bonded. If it is tightly bonded I'd use a high quality primer (read the can for compatible under and over coats) and then top coat with your choice of paint.

    Another option is to contact a local paint store or call the 800 number for technical support listed on the top coat paint you want to use. They know their products best.

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  • 7 years ago

    You can use Zinsser BIN shellac based primer between oil and water finishes because shellac is a universal binder (i.e. it sticks to oil and water). It also dries very quickly.

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