What's there to be proud in being Lebanese?

I'm feeling a tad pessimistic and I need re assurance right now.




•To this day old villas are being demolished to be replaced with cement sky scrapers.

•Tourists who come to Lebanon are kidnapped. What a great reputation were getting.

•We sided against each other during the war and started slaughtering each other for the work of Syria.

•Don't let me get started on the Lebanese Mountains, giant companies are coming around and digging GAINT holes in the mountains, and to make it worse, they don't all do it in one area, they break the mountain a little bit here, and a little bit there. :/

•Okay, and this one....WTF, Lebanon which is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, something that any country would love to have, people have built SWIMMING POOLS on top of BEACHES, they have trashed the sea, and destroyed whatever remaining beach there is. Lebanon which is bordered by the sea, has ZERO natural beaches left where someone didn't do something "weird" to it.

•Whenever I smell sewage I know that there is a river near by.

•Litter everywhere, evvvverrrrrryyywhhherrrreee.

•The government approves of demolishing ruins, no matter what they are.

•So many people drive like fools. (Though that's more of a global problem)

•Every time there's a scenic road, they build a cement wall on the side so you can't see anything, maybe they're convinced that the cement wall looks nicer.

•People take the ruins in Lebanon for granted.

•How is Lebanon even a country? It can't control it's borders, whatever decision the government makes comes from big brother Iran or Saudi Arabia.

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  • 7 years ago
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    When they incised Lebanon from Syria, they just left too many Muslims inside it. The Lebanon you are talking about was the golden age when Christians ran it. If it was Christian majority and Druze and not many Muslims, it could still have been perfect today.

    With 60% Muslims today, I don't see much reason for hope. There's no functioning Muslim country and I don't think Lebanon is going to be the first. I don't consider Turkey as a functioning country, with the military and journalists in jail, and a prime minister who makes nonsensical statements regularly. The oil countries are not normal countries either. Egypt could be on the way to set a good example, but that process could take decades, which I'm not sure you have.


    You should really get more thorough with your information, maybe your conclusions will improve.

    Lebanon in it's current borders was formed by the French.

    During the Ottoman era, there were different divisions - such as this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7b...

    Mount Lebanon was mostly under the title Lebanon, but most of the other area was Syria.

    The French drew the map hoping to keep the Christian part separate from the Muslim part, like the British did in India/Pakistan, but they didn't do a good enough job. If they cut a little from the south and the East, maybe Lebanon could be Christian today. All the "unique" arrangements between the different sects in Lebanon, that you guys are so proud of, will be thrown out the window once the Muslims reach critical mass. Then the Christians will be treated like they are in Egypt. That is why so many Christians left - because they know what's coming. That is why Israel is so militant in never letting that happen to it.

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  • 7 years ago

    First of all Lebanon was NOT cut of Syria, Lebanon and Egypt were the only existing states during the ottoman rule.

    There are stuff to be proud of,beside the ancient history, Lebanon's modern history is quite good as well. When it comes to education, Lebanon has been on top of the Arab world for long years. We also have many great scientists but sadly most of them are lured by the west because they won't succeed in a region in turmoil. Also we had the best hospitals and universities and many people used to come from the Arab world to study and get treated here. We still have among the best universities and maybe the best hospitals.

    Lebanon and Egypt were the main countries were cultural awakening was happening,and they are still. The first matba3a in the middle east was in lebanon, the first journals were in Egypt and Lebanon, the most famous thinkers were Lebanese and Egyptians. Not to mention arts which Lebanon and Egypt still lead the scene.

    Lebanon is also the space of Freedom in the Arab world, we are the first to tackle certain social issues. Democracy for example was present in certain forms even in the days of the Lebanese princes, women in Lebanon are the most liberated in the arab world, gay rights are only taken seriously (to some extent )in Lebanon and besides Jordan,Lebanon is the only country in the Arab world that gays can live in(again to some certain extent)

    Media. Lebanese Media is amongst the freeist in the region since the state run media is almost inexistant and no one watches it, and there are barely any censorship on media.

    There are lots of things to be proud of if you read history, but currently we are going downward :/

    Let's hope the new election would change things in a year or so( i doubt ).


    @Pendelton I do know that, but what you said Lebanon was incised of Syria, as if Lebanon didn't exist back then and is a newly formed state.

    And i'm not sure if there was Syria back then, there was vilayat, and the territories Lebanon acquired were from the Vilaya of Damascus if i'm not mistaken

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