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Is there any other relationship between countries who really hate each other like China-Japan rerlationship?

in the world

*** i mean EVEN NOW, not only in history, because i know still Chinese and Japanese don't like each other.


*relationship, sorry.

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    There is no real "hate" relations in the global economic environment. But there certainly are VERY high tensions still thriving.

    For example.


    -Pakistan-India...border dispute, rivals

    -China-India...border dispute, war rivals, alliance rivals

    -Russia-Pakistan...alliance rivals (Russia is allies with India but has to deal with Pakistan due to china)

    -Russia-Japan..1906 territory dispute, Alliance dispute, war issues, and Russian Empire/Japanese empire rivalry

    -Japan-South Korea..WW2 tensions and island dispute

    -China-Japan..WW2 tensions, island dispute trade route dispute, trade dispute

    -Kazakhstan-russia..soviet tentions


    UK-RUSSIA... Cold war tensions, trade deals, and UK-US-France-Germany Alliance

    France-Germany...WW1 WW2 Natural hate and Trade dispute

    Italy-France..WW2 and trade dispute



    Mexico-Venezuela...oil trade

    Cuba -mexico.. gulf

    Brazil-Argentina ..natural resources

    Mexico-US Border disputes

    US-Russia..Cold war, WW2, Trade, and Military power

    and those are just a few

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    Haha well hate is a strong word... i think you mean peoples with political wounds? Well, India and Pakistan are not that...close... with each other because of the whole splitting up and fighting over religious and political views kind of thing that happened in the 70s or 80s (sorry may not be entirely accurate here just thinking on the top of my head). I would say american posts in iraq has caused some political strife along with not so nice views with each other. Actually, american relations with many countries are not that great anyways. Yeah but these conflicts do not always reflect the views of an entire nation, just the general conflicts that are either ongoing or were experienced. Its not a HATE, but an unease i guess you can say

    Source(s): i took WHAP does that count?
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  • Iraq and Iran have hated each other. I do not know about post invasion governments, but their rivalry created one of the bloodiest wars in history and used chemical weapons. Persian & Arabs, Sunni & Shiite, Both former middle east powers makes a recipe for destruction.

    France and the UK. Not so much anymore, I guess, but they always had a rivalry. Its more like a joke between citizens rather than a true hate.

    Palestine and Israel are classic examples.

    Turkey and Greece, have had a HUGE rivalry. I talked to a US colonel who served with NATO, so he had to see both Turkish and Greek officers working together. He said that the two commander shook hands once and said " Your a good man, I like you. I hope one day I don't have to kill you."

    Pakistan and India also are a classic example.

    Ulster Irish (UK ) and Irish (Ireland loyal). Things are getting better but a few car bombs in the past may say their is a hate. It really is sad

    Pakistan and India are classic examples

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