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Renting an apartment for the first time?

Hi guys. I'm going to rent an apartment in Ottawa, Canada starting this september. I'm trying to find a lease transfer with few months remanning or a month-to-month agreement because I don't want a yearly contract since I might transfer schools and go to another city next seamster (starting January) but a month to month rent would be perfect since I'm not completely positive I'm going to move.

Anyway I'm currently outside of Canada and will be in Ottawa in the 30th of August and I'm gonna stay in a cheap hotel room till I rent an apartment. I've found quite a few Ads on Kijiji offering a lease transfer and I tried emailing some of them, none replied. However when I'm in Ottawa I'll try calling and contacting more people. What would I need exactly if they agreed to rent me the apartment? I don't have a job and I don't have much in my bank account. My dad is going to pay for the apartment but he lives in my home country. I don't really have "recommendations" if that's what it's called because I've never rented a place before. Should my dad transfer money to my bank account that covers the whole rent period? What do I need exactly. I'm so stressed right now and I really need to know everything so I can avoid any future problems. The thought of being there and being told that I cannot rent or not being qualified is terrifying.

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    Renting on a month to month basis is very common in Canada. There will be lots of apartments you could rent without a lease. Most landlords will ask for a rent deposit, equivalent to a month's rent if the place is rented by the month. That's so if a tenant leaves without giving notice, the landlord doesn't lose a month's rent. If a tenant gives proper notice that they are leaving, that deposit is used as the last month's rent.

    What a landlord asks for in the way of guarantee that the tenant will pay the rent depends on the landlord.

    If you can show the landlord that there is enough money in a bank account to cover the rent for a few months, that really should be enough for many landlords, considering that you are a student. Having an income is no guarantee that the tenant will use that income to pay the rent, so a landlord is always taking a bit of a chance no matter who they rent to. Explain your situation fully and honestly and you should be fine. Since you can't offer any references because you have not rented in Canada before, the landlord is going to have to make a judgement according to what kind of person you seem to be, so make sure you appear to be a respectable trustworthy person.

    You should read some of the info on this site, because you need to be aware of some of these things for your own protection. It sets out the rules that landlords and tenants are supposed to go by in Ontario.

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    The best choices for student apartment rentals might already be taken since people who are returning to school look at the end of the spring term for fall accomodation. The lease transfer thing is an option but a lot of university students sublet so you sign for the year and sublet the months you won't be in town ( but that is dependant on the landlord). Month to month is less common expecially for universary type accomodation. Don't worry about recommendations, I would get your dad to co sign the lease with his prove employment record and a credit check also offer 3 to 6 months rent up front. Character references will also help the rental process.

    Source(s): My family owns rental property in a university town in Ontario and we rented to people brand new to Canada
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    You are starting much too late to get an apartment. Many students are back already.Perhaps you can find someone looking to share.

    You may need to offer cheques for six months in advance if you have no income.

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