Why did she send me a message on Facebook?

So when I was with my ex last year this girl named "Jessaca" dump him and he never got over her but didn't tell me how he still loved her.. He lied and told me she wouldn't leave him alone when really he wouldn't leave her alone.. So I sent her a Message on Facebook telling her to quit talking to him and so on.. Well she went off on me and said she's more of a woman then i'll ever be "She's on drugs and has two kids and is only 20 by the way" She dresses poorly and so on.. Well I haven't talk nor added her, and I quit talking with my ex 100% I have a new boyfriend now who doesn't do that bs to me.. So last night she sent me a message saying.. Just seeing how everything's going? hope you're doing and found better... Should I ignore it? I mean why would she do this but then never talk to me in the first place but want to know one year later how i'm doing?

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  • 8 years ago
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    shes a hoe she probably wants to **** up your current relation ship by getting info through text messages just ignore her delete her from your memory/data base

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