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BSOD Blue Screen of Death Error help?

OK So I have a Dell Inspiron desktop Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit and all of a sudden I'm getting BSOD errors. It just flashes across the screen for a few seconds so I cant even read it really. I downloaded CCLeaner a registry cleaner to clean up the registry but nothing helped. I even did a system restore and that didn't help. I thought maybe Google Chrome was the issue since it'd been acting up recently so I uninstalled it but I reinstalled it and then today it just disappeared from my desktop and I don't know. Can anyone tell how to fix this. (I'm not a tech geek so please keep it simple so I can actually understand)

Please. :( Thanks


I have Norton Antivirus as well and I scanned my computer with that and it says I have no virus. I have to be using Safe Mode with networking to use the computer :( Normal booting just leads to it crashing a few minutes later

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    It is possible that you installed a piece of software with an incompatible driver in it or you have some Malware.

    First, I would start the computer in Safe Mode - you can do this by pressing F8 when you are powering up and select Start in Safe Mode with Networking.

    Second, download and install MalwareBytes Free Vesion and run it.

    If MalwareBytes does not find anything than try a System Restore from Safe Mode - there should be some restore points if you have been updating windows.

    Did you do a System Restore? I had a Win7 computer that went BSOD after I installed ActiveSync from Microsoft. I needed to do a System Restore to get my computer back.

    Norton does not detect all Malware.

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    Okay, your first issue is that you are using a Dell, try getting at least an acer computer or something next time, Dell doesn't usually have very good stats and I have had to fix many Dell computers. Next, you don't have the blue screen of death, you should be fine for a while. Also, google chrome will not hurt your computer at all.

    Also, don't download anything else to try and fix it, CCleaner is pretty good so you are safe with that, but many of those kinds of programs are really viruses in disguise.

    In short, there is not too much wrong with your computer, and it is not the blue screen of death if you can still open stuff. Good luck!

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