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What happened in lebanon ?

What happened today in tripoli- lebanon ?

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    A few days ago 2 bombs from Lebanon hit Israel. Today Israel hit back


    Look a quick lookback at the history of Lebanon. In 2005 its then Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and members of his govt then were assasinated in a motorcade ( bomb blasts). The suspects were the terrorist group Hezbollah. It was only in2012 (after 7 yrs of investigation) that names were named and arrest warrants issued. Those developments started renewed clashes between the extremist religious sects and the govt antiterrorist factions.

  • The Sunni muslims against the Shiite muslims bombing each other. 50 killed in bombs (cars and mosques), 500 wounded.

    In other words, same old same old Shiite, happenin' on a Sunni day.

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    Just the usual. Sunnis and Shias blowing each other up.

    Those pesky Muslims!

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    -Couple of NASTY Bomb blasts There, Today... Lots of People Killed... Looks like the USUAL "Suspects" for that part of the World... :(

    Source(s): The BBC.
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