Short-term goals can be set to help achieve specific long-term goals. True or false?

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    To achieve a specific long-term goal, one will have to set first short-term goals. One will set up a well planed strategy as learning steps, to create the best condition to reach ones long-term goal.

    For example: If one wants to have a happy and fulfilled life, then one will ask oneself how to reach this goal. One can follow the given common ways established in our society and then sooner or later one will find out, after one has struggled and suffered enough, that these doesn't work and finally one might come to the essential question: *Who I am?* The answer to this question one will achieve through many steps, finding out about 'human nature' and behavior, up to the point when one can understand why one is trapped in ones condition as part of our society. Consequently one will have another short-term goal, with the urge to get out of the straitjacket of the common mindset, seeing clearly, that to be happy and fulfilled, one first need to *free* oneself from ones programmed and limited mindset. Then the next short-term goal would be, to find ways to achieve this. One will try various methods that are used to manipulate oneself, until one might practice *meditation* as a way to go beyond ones mindset, to experience a state of *being* with that one can relate and respond to what shows up in ones daily life, without the need to react out of ones demanding mindset. Then one will come near to the point to achieve ones long-term goal, just by being aware of oneself within ones daily responses to what there is. Realizing, that all what has been showing up on ones way, was the best to help in ones learning and *growing*. Then one doesn't need a 'bait' or 'goal' any more and is *free* to just enjoy ones *being*. One might call it 'fulfillment', but there is no need anymore to put labels on something......

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    True. It's like climbing to the top of a mountain. One does not simply leap to the top in one bound, it takes a lot of small steps. Each one is a goal unto itself. Each goal achieved adds to your experience, knowledge and confidence. Eventually you reach the summit...unless you change your mind along the way. Achieving each small goal allows you to re-evaluate the greater goal.

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    Very true.

    I wanted to apply for Social Security Disability. For 3 months I filled out form after form. Answered question after question. The most work I ever did in my life! 2 months later, 5 months total, I got my Social Security Disability.

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    This is taught in a Class I took in College in the 80's...

    and it works.

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