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How can I get into the acting and modeling business?

Okay so a dream of mine is to become an actress and model the only thing is I don't know where to start i'm moving to manhattan NYC. Does anyone know how I can start out?

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    Anyone can be a model, just have to get into the right industry. The best thing to kick off your modeling career is to find a local agency and talk to them and see what they can do for you! Just remember, you should NEVER pay them for anything! What so ever!

    There is also a website called that is great for new models and promoting yourself and being an independent model (I love this website it is what I use!)

    Here are a few inspirational things to read to help you get started!

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    Acting and modeling are two different careers and you approach them in different ways. As a professional actor, I can address the acting-end of things. Basically you need to get acting training, experience and learn the business end of acting. Then you can use that to help develop a plan for a professional acting career.

    There are not a bunch of open auditions for professional work that you can just keep going to until you're "discovered" or something. For most professional work you have to be invited to audition, usually through a talent agent. And you can't just hire a talent agent, it's more like they choose you. Agents are paid on commission, getting a percentage of what their clients make. Since they are paid only if their clients book jobs, they are very picky about who they take on as clients. And they can be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to be actors than there are roles. So agents are looking for clients who are "marketable" and who have demonstrated that they have the talent, training, experience and commitment to book professional jobs.

    So take acting classes. Audition for what you can. You'll have to start small with low-to-no-pay jobs in things like community theater and student films. Learn the industry. You'll have to understand the entire casting process, who the players are and what they do an don't do. You'll need to understand industry contracts, actor unions, how to market yourself, and how to network and make connections in the industry. So read industry trades and websites like Read books about the business of acting and how to manage a professional career. There are a lot of scams and ripoffs out there, so you need to educate yourself.

    Good luck.

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    The sort of person who wants to be an actor is very rarely the sort who wants to be a model!

    Modelling is all about looks - no talent, intelligence, imagination, training, experience, or education is required. Models love to be fashionable, spend hours on their hair, nails, and make-up, and their appearance is all-important to them.

    Acting is all about talent, intelligence, education and imagination - and they have to get years of training and experience before anything will happen. They're also really not concerned about such shallow things as fashion and beauty.

    And as they're totally difference careers, you're going to have to choose what sort of person you are.

    And if you choose acting - don't ever mention modelling - actors have no respect for models, as the vast majority seem to be air-headed narcissists.

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