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Will Obama pardon one of his own, Maj. Nidal Hasan, now that he?

is found guilty of all counts of the Obama's "workplace violence" idiotic statement?

A .45 ACP would take care of the terrorist problem, wrap him in bacon and send him packing to a "peaceful Muslim" country like Syria or Libya

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    There would have been no need for a court martial or a pardon if the officer that shot him had done the job right. A double tap between the eyes


    The Koch Brothers gave 400 MILLION to Mitt Romney but they still lost because the American people's vote CANNOT BE BOUGHT! Even with all the lies, bigotry, hate, homophobia, racism, & division from Republicans, Obama won EVERY battleground state, Romney lost Massachusetts, Ryan's state, Wisconsin, went to Obama, Democrats gained 2 seats in the Senate, & gained seats in the House, and President Obama won the popular vote by 3 million.

    The extremists of the Republican Party have called our president: Socialist, Marxist, Kenyan-born, Muslim and the Anti-Christ. Any rational person can figure out that it has NOTHING to do with their nutcase theories, but THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN. They LOST 2 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN A ROW, and instead of uniting our country, they use hate rhetoric, extremism and "side shows" to divide the people of this country. That's exactly why you LOST last year.

    The only majority vote Republicans won last election? OLD WHITE MEN. In 2012, Obama won 73% of the LATINO vote, 93% of the AFRICAN AMERICAN vote, 77% of the GAY vote, 60% of the YOUTH vote, 67% of the FEMALE vote, and 70% of the ASIAN AMERICAN vote. Instead of "soul searching" HOW AND WHY they lost last year, they always want to BLAME OUR PRESIDENT for something, "first." What they SHOULD be doing is reflecting on WHY they were rejected twice in a row before it's too late to save their "repressive" political party.

    We gave ONE TRILLION in taxcuts to the wealthy during Bush's 8 years. So, Republicans, where are those jobs from the "job creators"?! This trickle down drivel, which Romney wanted to continue if he were elected, is the ONLY plan to create jobs that Republicans have. Sorry Republicans, Americans didn't buy into your "trickle down snake oil" in 2012.

    It's also funny how the Republicans "all of a sudden" want to require voter IDs NOW THAT A BLACK PRESIDENT IS IN OFFICE. It's no "coincidence" that the Republican Party wants to try ALL their scheming tactics in their playbook to REDUCE minority votes. Remember when Republican Gov Scott Walker of Florida reduced early voting from 14 days to EIGHT DAYS, which lead to 8 hour lines to vote last year? Anything goes for Republicans to win elections, EVEN if it means disenfranchising voters.

    The "only" candidate that Republicans have in 2016 is Chris Christie. Establishment Republicans want to push the same fat, balding, old White men to be presidents. Christie stands NO CHANCE AGAINST HILLARY. They will lose because they will continue moving so far to the extremist right and neglect the CHANGING demographics of this country. Not only that but the THE GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY (The GOP) refuse to compromise and just want to say "NO" to everything Obama.

    Since 2010, when Republicans took control of the House, they haven't introduced ONE JOB PLAN. They have spent THEIR ENTIRE TIME talking about repealing healthcare reform, getting of programs for the needy, passing voter ID laws, restricting early voting, fighting marriage equality, and other nonsense. Republicans are USING these sideshows to detract from the fact that they have NO PLAN TO CREATE JOBS.

    Republicans: allow me to EDUCATE YOU on the origin's of the healthcare law. In 2006, as governor, Mitt Romney passed the EXACT national healthcare law (with the required mandate) in Massachusetts. So GET IT RIGHT, you should be calling it "ROMNEYCARE" not Obamacare. Also, you want to repeal ROMNEYCARE? With what? The SAME lifetime caps, preexisting condition denials, & the same INSURED people "PAYING" for those without healthcare? Replacing it with the SAME thing you had before, IS NOT A PLAN.

    REPUBLICANCARE=going bankrupt with no healthcare. Preexisting conditions denied. Lifetime caps in place. The INsured paying for the UNinsured when they go to the emergency room. OBAMACARE=ensuring all Americans have a human right to healthcare. No preexisting conditions denied. No lifetime caps. Everyone is accountable. WHICH AMERICA SHOULD A NEWBORN INFANT BE RAISED INTO? Republicans: your ideology fails. Your lack of compassion is the major fail though. Healthcare should NOT be a privilege!

    In 2015, President Obama & Hillary Clinton, will come out in favor of legalizing marijuana. The Republicans, like anything progressive, will be against it. Republicans will lose control of the House of Representatives in 2016, Hillary will be our president for 8 years, and it may be more than a decade or longer before a Republican is elected president again. The anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-union, anti-minority but pro-corporate America that is the Republican Party, is repulsive, and when Hillary takes over in 2016, they might as well get their “fishing rods” ready!

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    6 years ago

    If Obama pardons him the military would turn on him. You can't pardon a man whose admitted to aiding the enemy by killing us soldiers. The only sentence is death ...

    Source(s): Us army ret.
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    probably yes

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    "One of his own"? How cute and how wrong.

    Source(s): I always figure when someone spouts violent military rhetoric when they're anonymous that in person they would turn out to be a 130-pound weakling with glasses and a nervous tic.
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    6 years ago

    no, now grow up

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