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Should I worry about mites when hunting birds?

I'll go tomorrow to hunt birds, I am worried about mites. I suffered from fleas once because of a cat but I don't want to get to the tiny ones, should I worry about them when hunting birds? Thanks.


I'll be wearing jeans and I won't be with my dog, just my brother. the area where I'll be hunting doesn't have any deer. My dad used to hunt in it, so my auncles. I dont remember that they suffered from any bites.

Update 2:

would 95% ethanol kill them? thanks!

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    You need to check the dog or you legs and feet for ticks, deer flies or anything very small crawling. deer ticks can give humans Lyme disease. Make sure to remove these before going back into your vehicle or house.

    Source(s): To kill mites just put 100 per cent rubbing alchol over the area where they are biting. This will kill them. Just do not breath in the fumes.
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