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Can someone be arrested for unpaid credit card debt in the state of Arkansas?

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    Appears so:

    Over 15 states allow debt collectors and banks to take people to court who are not paying on their debt. Since 2010, the according to an interview with 20 judges, the number of people being sued within courts has surged for non-payment of their debts.

    If your working a job and you can't make it to court because it would cause you to lose your job, it does not matter. Within the 15+ states that allow debtors to sue their clients, a bench warrant would be issued for your arrest.

    In the United States, the government removed from the law books the Federal imprisonment for unpaid debts. (Of course this has nothing to do with the IRS who can take everything you have if they even think you owe them money)

    There are still many states that allow debtors to seek an arrest warrant if all collection efforts have failed. These states include ,but are not limited to, Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington. They all allow a creditor to take debtors to court, and if the collection agencies win, the debtor goes to jail.

    In September, a 53 year-old woman named Vivian Joy was stopped for a broken tail-light in Champaign, Illinois. And then, because the cops discovered that she still hadn't paid $2,200 to a collection agency, she was cuffed and carted off to jail. (Daily Ticker)

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    Source(s): Criminal Records Search Database :
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  • CatDad
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    7 years ago

    Technically no. Defaulting on debt is not a crime and is a civil matter.

    However, in some circumstances where a person is being sued for a credit card debt and does not show up in court, then at that point a person could have a warrant issued for their arrest. Regardless of the reason, a person should always show up in court if a summons has been served.

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  • 7 years ago

    Credit card debt is a civil matter unless fraud is involved. There is not debtors jail the the US.

    There is a big difference between being taken to court and being arrested.

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  • ?
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    6 years ago

    It would violate your Human Rights to be imprisoned for mere debt. Debt is a problem worldwide. It's not a crime to have debt so you likely could prosecute the State for false arrest and imprisonment if you are arrested for simply having debt.

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  • 4 years ago

    Criminal Records Search Database -

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