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What exactly is a baseball purist?

I have seen it used in multiple ways. People use it as a source of pride. While others use it as an insult. What exactly is a baseball purist?

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    People who think that baseball was better when they were a kid -- free from critical thinking, the ability to see a debate from either (or any) side, and summertime was the highest living anyone could aspire to -- and are not hesitant to tell anyone about everything that is wrong with baseball today.

    I'm not one of that breed. Nine guys on the field, one guy at the plate, ninety feet 'tween the bases, green grass, and I'm looking at nine innings (or more!) of magnificence.

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    Most purists don't like the wild card format in the playoffs and don't like the DH. They hate interleague play and replay for umpiring. Some may take it a bit further and don't like how free agency has changed the game since stars typically don't play for one team their whole career.

    Some may say a purist is someone who can watch a baseball game regardless of the teams playing.

    I lean toward the purist side but I can tolerate interleague play and the wild cards and see that is being good for the sport.

  • Usually they are people who are reluctant to let MLB baseball experiment with its original format in any way.

    But if one looks at baseball today as compared to its original format, there is a steady change for the better in every decade.

    The MLB l now has realized that the 21st. century is here and at long last is taking steps to use the now available technology to improve the umpiring of games.

    Yes, some of its innovations, such as the DH rule have failed, but others have been an instant success. Example: Inter-league play every day of the season has turned out to be good since the two leagues now have each 15 teams. I never cared much for the original version but I like this one as it blends in nicely with the flow of the season's intra-league games.

    The hardest thing is discarding what doesn't work and keeping the good.

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    Basically they're a school of thought that every facet of the game should be preserved. Written and unwritten rules. The human element is a big part to them, so modernizing the game such as instant replay really irks them. This is part of the reason why instant replay took so long compared to other sports to be implemented, many of the executives running MLB are of the older tradition and therefore purists, we're seeing a shift right now with MLB finally catching up to the 21st century sports.

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    For -

    Pitchers have to bat - no DH

    Doubleheaders - 2 games for price of 1

    Understanding why Pete Rose was banned from baseball

    Against -


    Instant replay

    Record books with asterisks

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    Someone who identifies what they think of as the "pure" game, and resists changes to that the sport that go against that identification. Usually their ideal is a post-integration, pre-DH version of baseball ( 1947-1973).

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    No Designated Hitter.

    No Playoffs.

    Throwing at batters is understandable under certain circumstances.

    So is sliding into second with your spikes up.

    No fraternizing with the other team.

    Day games.

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