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Told to go to A&E by doctor?

This was my last question I posted about an injury after falling down some concrete steps and hurting my leg:

Right where to start.....

Basically 5 days ago I slipped down a few steps and landed strangely on my leg. Immediately there was a very sharp pain that shot up my leg but this subsided quite quickly. Within a few minutes I could put weight on my leg with moderate pain and with quite a bad limp. Afterwards I developed Swelling around my ankle, foot and lower leg along with quite strong bruising.

Three days on I still have the swelling bruising and keep getting random stabs of pain, sometimes severe sometimes moderate and there is always a constant dull ache. Also my lower leg feels.... strange, its hard to put it into words but it feels kind of wrong, very tingly and a bit numb with limited mobility. HOWEVER I can put weight on my leg, putting my shoe on is quite painful but I did a 30 minute walk today, though my leg felt very tired and quite painful after it.

If it was a break wouldnt it be unbearable to stand on? or are there smaller fractures? Ive had sprains before and this feels different, ive never felt this strange tingling / numbness or had this bruising before. I dont really like going to the doctors as I kind of have a stupid phobia of it :P but i suppose if i have to then I will.... im just undecided what to do atm....

Day 4: I was able to walk pretty good today, however walking up a slight hill caused alot of pain and at the end I could barely move my leg, seems to have swollen back up, but the pain is subsiding. In the evening I have got quite alot of pain and alot of cracking / popping sounds?

I posted this question before and someone said it is possibly a hairline fracture. I really think it is judging from what they said and the pain is getting worse and worse, ive heard Cracking noises coming from the leg to? I tried put an ankle support brace on and it made it worse.

Making an appointment for the doctors today since I fell over again for no reason, I have no balance whatsoever... fell on my upper thigh / hip now thats all bruised to >_>

Problem is though my doctor has misdiagnosed in the past, I had a torn tendon in my ankle before and he said it was sprained, it got worse and worse saw him a few months later THEN he told me what it was.... I dont want to go through the same thing again... = /

TODAY: I went to the doctors and told her what happened, she measured my foot / leg and theres was 4 CM swelling (is that alot?).

Because of the bruising, the type of fall, the swelling and the fact that i couldnt bear weight for any sustained periods of time she told me almost instantly to go to A&E to get an X - Ray.

She believed that is very possible a small fracture or she said it may even be an extremely bad strain , though ive had alot of strains in the past and its not been like this.

I have NEVER been in A&E before... my parents dont know that I actually had this accident and im freaking out about what to tell them when they come home, freaking out about how long i will have to wait, what the xray will be like. Im also scared either way about the result... if its a fracture i guess it will have to be cast up but if its some muscle thing then wont i just look like an idiot coming down for an xray?

Please help :(

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  • 7 years ago
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    Stop fretting about what you cannot change and you cannot alter the fact that you have injured your foot. No one has x-ray vision, or can give you a diagnosis no matter how detailed your description of the injury. The only way to find out is to get it X-rayed which is completely painless. How long you have to wait in the A&E will depend on how busy they are. Given that your foot is really swollen, you definitely will not look an idiot and anyway your doctor has referred you. That means you must take the advice. Your parents are going to have to know you have done this as you will be hobbling around so they are likely to admire the fact you did the sensible thing and went to sort it out before they arrived home. At least that way you will be able to put their minds at rest immediately as to whether or not it is fractured. It is going to take a few weeks to mend whether its a sprain or a fracture but these things happen to everyone so just take it in your stride. You might have fun getting people to sign the plaster cast if you get one!

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  • 7 years ago

    I was able to walk, albeit with very great difficulty, on what was later found to be a broken ankle, so it is not unheard of to be able to walk on a broken bone. There have been stories of footballers finishing matches on broken arms, legs, and even a fractured vertebrae!

    I would suggest a trip to A&E. Just go up to the counter and give them your details, and your doctor's surgery address, and they should sort you out with a pre-assesment, and then a doctor should see you, and will probably suggest an X-ray. 4cm of swelling is rather a lot, and if it is bruised extensively (when I broke my ankle, both times, either foot within two years of each other, half my foot was bruised in each case) all signs do point to a break, whether you can weight bear or not.

    Don't worry about feeling like an idiot going to A&E if you are in genuine discomfort. The doctors there have seen practically anything, and can tell time-wasters from those in genuine need, yet will treat everyone the same. Another thing, you may be in for a bit of a wait, so take a book or something to keep you occupied whilst you wait.

    Good luck; I hope everything is ok. :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Go to a and e and have an x ray done to be on the safe side. It could be anything break/fracture/ligament/tendon damage. The worst thing you could do is leave it cause if it heals this way you will forever have this pain occuring and will have a longer healing process. X

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  • 7 years ago

    if it is a fracture then an XRAY will show it and it may require surgery to repair it. if it is a muscle problem then a CT will be ordered to see if there is blood present. don't be afraid just do it, it will help you in the long run

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