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Ramadan: what is your opinion on the Shias and Sunnis?

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    they are both muslims and shouldn't have any conflicts at all.

    Shia and Sunni have almost same beliefs, only some difference may be due to political reasons like whether abu bakar was first khalifa or hazrat ali. (and we should put those things aside

    But overall we shias and sunnis believe allah(stw), the quran, prophet muhammad(pbuh) and his family

    Some say shias are different based on them giving more importance to event of karbala(ie mourning for imam hussain) but ive seen sunnis also giving importance

    it has become a tool to make muslims all over country to fight----this shia vs sunni conflict

    and i really think we sunnis and shias should stop our differences and unite and many of our problems will be solved

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  • 6 years ago

    1.It does not matter you are sunni or shia it is important that you are muslim or at least a good person

    2.Shia in arabic means party (like political party). Before the death of Muhammad people used to call the close friends of Ali (cousin of muhammad) Shia.

    3.Right after the death of Muhammad while Ali were busy with funeral, Abu bakr and omar and 4 other sahaba were busy with who gets the power after muhammad!!! They all disregarded Muhammad saying that suggested Ali directly and indirectly as the leader of umma after his death. like Qadi Khomm or lots of other hadith,....

    4.Omar killed Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (wife of Ali) with a baby inside and unfortunately sunni scholars especially wahabbis do not like talking about this part of history and if you ask them why the tomb of Zahra is unknown they will become angry of you. This incident made shia very disapointed and sad.

    5.Jamal war also were another story that Aiyasha and some sahaba went to war with Ali and after Ali defeated them, he respectfully returned Ayasha to medina/mecca

    6.Karbala incident where Yazid killed Hussain were another sad historical point that shia wanted separate themselves from those who call themselves muslims and say Allah o Akbar but beheaded the grand son of Muhammad.

    7.Shia love Ahlul bayt and shia is the enemy of the enemy of Ahlol bayt.

    8. Yazid were son of Moavai and moavia were son of Abu sofian whose wife killed and eated the liver of Hamza in ohod war. Guess who put Moavia in shaam? Omar your second Khaliff. Guess who went to war with Ali in Seffain war? Moavia


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I honestly don't understand why people who don't. Agree with something have to come here and post hate .like whats the point?

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