What will happen to aviation world if there is no Radio Navigation Instruments ?

Need the list of effects at least 5 and a little bit explanation from the aviators/experts/volunteers :D thanks you.

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    the use of barf bags would substantially increase. without radio navigation planes would have to fly vfr at all times, below the weather. the resulting turbulence wouldn't be any fun.

    people would stop flying. when the weather stays below vfr minima for extended periods (as it does in some parts of the world), people will get fed up with flight delays and find other ways to travel.

    air travel would go back to the way it was in the 1930s. a hobby for the rich.

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    The flight rules are called VFR.

    Pilots would fly point to point using what is called "dead reckoning".

    A lot of pilots would, under those circumstances, start flying with road maps on their knees.

    Without their little GPS screens a lot of pilots will be flying in circles, quite lost.

    There would be an increase of incidents of pilots landing in farmer's fields, and on highways.

    As another poster mentioned, commercial flights would be equipped with sextants. The flight would need a little dome shaped window on top of the cockpit for the navigator (new crew member) to be able to use it.


    @ Fan

    Can't use a sextant if you can't see the sky. You need the dome. You also need someone with math skills. Someone who is jobless probably can't cypher trig calculations.. Of the airframes you mention, there are not too many still airworthy. But building lots of replicas, now THAT would create jobs.

    However, the loss of radio navigation aids probably would create some jobs, and change others. I could see Boeing going back to the concept of those beautiful China Clipper Flying Boats they used to build. If the pilot can't find a proper airport, he can just follow the coast until he finds a harbour.

    And Angela is probably right about the barf bags. One of my guests left her Walmart 500 pack of airsick/seasick bags in the side pocket in my Blanik. I notice every once in a while the pack is smaller. Rough air is one thing. Some people just can't stand seeing the neighbour's barnyard when they look up through the canopy.

    This is a fun question. About jobs

    Source(s): Sailplane pilot. Give me my GPS !!!
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    Pilots would have to navigate with line of sight, which is using physical landmarks. This could be using mountains, rivers, stars, or roads. The pilots would also need to keep an eye out for other aircraft. Radios, in different forms, are also used for aircraft avoidance. Also the pilot would have to pay close attention to the weather, as radar, which detects thunderstorms, is another radio navigation aid. Planes can physically fly without any electronics. However, I would not want to be on that flight.

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    VFR aka Visual Flight Rules.

    I like the comment Fly Inverted posted. To add to his/her comment ....they don't have to make new aircraft with domes, lots of old aircraft still around in flyable condition, like the B17 Flying Fortress, the B24J Liberator, the B25 Mitchell, The Bristol Wellington, Blenhiem, Handley Page, Dornier, Heinkel HE111....all had some nice looking domes on them used for other various reasons. Yes they would need that extra crew member per aircraft, that opens up jobs for the jobless and to fly around commercially in one of the above mentioned aircraft would be like a special even so the companies can make money hand over fist.

    Example: A B17 Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady", presently in the Americas flies around every other week and takes "passengers" at $475 per head for a 1/2 hour flight....Think of just how much money can be made for longer flights!!

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    @ Fan-of-MSInd84 navigator "that opens up jobs for the jobless". Please stop telling these jokes, the laughing, it hurts.

    A person smart enough to do navigation by sextant and the stars is not likely to be jobless. I am NEVER going to get on a plane navigated by a person who was jobless before they became a navigator.

    Asker: the methods of air navigation by sextant were mostly invented by Sir Francis Chichester http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Chichester in the 1930s. His methods significantly improve your chances of finding a small island in a huge ocean

  • ever heard of , INERTIAL NAVIGATION?

    i guess not. well, that's a thingie onboard that calculates your position above a globe based on double integration of acceleration.

    besides, we in the military are trained for no radio procedures.. and for no navaids procedures, too.

    Source(s): people who cannot do landmark navigation and get lost in a paper bag without a GPS probably should stop flying. yes. i've got lost a few times. Anyone who denies that, he's a lier.
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    they'll go back to using star charts and sextants like they did before planes even had radios I guess

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