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要寫篇dialogue between you&god


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    You: Was Joseph a native of Nazareth according to Luke or a native of Bethlehem according to Matthew?

    God: Who cares about Joseph. I have completely forgotten about this guy after the birth of my son Jesus.

    You: Did both the robbers who were crucified with Jesus mocked at Him according to Matthew or only one mock at Him according to Luke?

    God: You have not read your bible carefully. Matthew said two robbers. Luke said two criminals. John said two on either side. There were four other wrong-doers being crucified with Jesus, two on each side of his cross.

    You: Did Abraham really commit the same mistake twice, lying twice about Sarah being his sister to save his own life? And his son Issac did the same thing again?

    God: Shouldn't Abraham's folly surprise you? You humans never learn from your mistakes. Like father like son. It should not surprise you if Issac followed the footsteps of his father.

    You: Why don't you reveal yourself in a more convincing manner so that there is no more confusion and debate about your existence?

    God: The bible has told you to have faith and not to rely on worldly wisdom. Throw away your philosophy, stop picking inconsistencies in the bible and stop trying to be a smartass putting forth arguments against me. Atheists and skeptics are destined for the lake of fire.

    You: Doesn't God's love embrace the gays and skeptics too? How does the punishment work with love, or the other way round?

    God: Everyone sins and everyone deserves to die. It is my grace to save. You humans are not in a position to bargain with me.

    You. One last question. Do you think we should have a law to protect the gay's rights and protect them from discrimination?

    God: Sure. No one should be discriminated because of their sexual orientation. These people will go to hell anyway on the judgement day.

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