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請幫忙翻譯 英翻中 內容大概即可

By becoming familiar with recommendations for intervention from other disciplines, nurses can become more

aware of early-intervention strategies for supporting child development. Home visiting also renders the opportunity to ensure that recommendations are implemented by families and service providers.

Professional expertise is strengthened through membership on a transdisciplinary early intervention team. A nurse’s knowledge base and observation skills are enhanced by looking at the child and family through the lenses of different disciplines. In addition, nurses gain

the invaluable skill of learning to work collaboratively with others. ‘‘The collaborative paradigm gives the highest return to the unique perspectives and skills that each sector brings to the table.’’ (Lasker & the Committee on Medicine & Public Health, 1997; p. 157).


The American Nurses’ Association Social Policy Statement(1995) emphasized the ‘‘recognition and acceptance of combined spheres of activity’’ when entering collaborative

efforts. Transdisciplinary arena assessment is an excellent example of such an activity. Nurses should seize opportunities to collaborate with specialists in early childhood assessment and intervention in a manner that best contributes to promoting health and optimal development for children with disabilities and their families.


This project was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (grant number H 023 C 70140). Other team members include:

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    寶貴的技能學習與他人協同工作。 “的合作範式的獨特的觀點和技能,每個部門帶來的表給出了最高的回報。(拉斯克醫學與衛生委員會,1997年,第157頁)。






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