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急急~~~英翻中 內容大約就好

The importance of team building was revealed when a territorial issue surfaced as the history form was being drafted. The issue centered on an overlap in scope of practice related to history taking. Nurses are trained to take holistic histories that include ecomaps, genograms,

in-depth family narratives, developmental milestones, etc. This concern emerged before formal team building took place and could have jeopardized the integrity of the team. This experience taught us that before the work of a team commences, it is vital to complete team-building activities.

Sharing Clinical Skills and Personal Gifts

An appreciation for members’ rich life experiences and the knowledge each person brought to the team was developed through a timeline activity. This served to bind members of the team together on a more personal level and also acquainted individuals professionally.Activities that incorporated team-building principles,as outlined in Figure 1, were completed. Team members

took turns at weekly meetings to teach the rest of the team about their particular profession and assessment practices. Various assessment instruments were also presented and discussed. During this phase, the nurse performed a complete ‘‘well child’’ physical assessment that included vision, hearing, and developmental screening.After written consent was obtained from the child’s parent, the team viewed the nurse’s assessment through a

two-way mirror. The members of the team expressed an appreciation for the holistic nature and completeness of the physical exam.Following these initial team-building activities, practice

assessments were performed on two typically developing children in the 0–3 age range. Discussion of results and assessment issues were addressed. After reaching consensus

on the team’s process of arena assessment, the project moved forward into the realm of assessing young children with developmental disabilities.

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