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What do you think of my video about how whites took over America?

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    Do you history please.

    -The US bought the Louisiana territory from France and Conquered Spanish Florida.

    - Andrew Jackson went to war with the Native for many reason but biggest being their violence in the south west and north west.

    - Upon the US expanding during the Victorian era (European Empire era) , the european empires did not want the US expanding any further challenging their power.

    - Louisiana purchase got us majority of the mid-west and we bough Alaska from Russian Empire when the US and Russia we still allies

    -US was also gaining more land in the north and north west in regions like Oregon and modern Dakotas

    - France put some guy from Austria in major power in Mexico leading conflict. The Louisania Purchase got the US texas up to the Rio Grande Mexico would not accept that and said the boundry was at the e Nueces River 150 miles North of Rio Grande.

    - Mexico said no the boundary and invaded the US Republic of Texas and a war broke out. California would see major conflict as well because it would Declare itself a Republic as well and battles broke out.

    - From September 8–15 1847 US general Winfield Scott took Mexico City .. the Capitol of Mexico pretty much Conquering the Mexican land. The capture of the city forced Santa Anna to surrender the land to the Pacific and gave back majority of the land to Mexico south of the Rio Grande then straight to the Pacific.


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    First, you didn't make that video because there is already the same video with more views on different users account. Plagiarism is such a lame thing to do. And so is the video.

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  • 7 years ago

    Isolationist xenophobes never win.

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