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close internet explorer?

i can't close inter explorer

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    There are a few solutions to get a crashed program to close.

    1. Keep left clicking on the X in the top right corner of Internet Explorer. Windows will either close down IE when it's finished doing what it's doing, or you will get a message saying "This program is not responding - Do you want to close it?" - at this point click Yes. Then eventually Windows will get round to it and then come up with another message "This program stopped responding - Do you want to send a report..." it's entirely up to you then - either send a report or don't - I guess MS get so many reports in a day they really don't bother with them.

    2. Right click on the Internet Explorer tab in the task bar and click Close, if it doesn't close, keep doing this until you get the above message about it not responding...

    3. Ensure Internet Explorer is the selected window, then press and hold the Alt key down, then press the F4 key and release. If it doesn't close keep doing this until it closes or again a message pops up telling you it's not responding.

    4. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete all together.

    Depending on your version of Windows -

    XP - Task manager appears (might have to wait if Windows is busy!)

    Vista/7/8 - screen goes blue and various options open up - one of them being open Task Manager - click on open Task Manager.

    In Task Manager Applications tab find Internet Explorer, click on it and click End Task.

    Task Manager will then attempt to end the Internet Explorer application.

    If you want a quicker response go into the processes tab of Task Manager, find all processes called iexplore.exe and click End Process on each one (each Internet Explorer window has it's own process). You'll get a warning about ending the process may cause system instability, etc, just click yes. This will fully close internet explorer immediately and a lot faster than trying to get Windows to do it through the end task button.

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    first why would you close internet explorer?are you up grading?anyway you can on any page(site)next to your mail box on top go to the toolbar settings go to internet explorer click and you can decide what you want to do,it will ask anyway(like me I at times I just shut it off)if you are on W7or8 it will send you to a app site and explain allot about it but by then you should know most options there are(some pop ups will make you a service offer)which I avoid but just explore your options...and if you don't want any of this than just go to your main settings and call up uninstall a program! have fun.

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    Control/Alt/Tab, go to Task Manager, End Task.

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    try to delete it forever

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