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Where is the best place to Live in Houston, Tx for a young single new nurse?

I am a new grad nurse from NJ considering a move to the Houston area in a few weeks. I will be working in the medical center area most likely, and would like to know what areas of houston are the best for young single professionals? I value cost of living, reasonable rent (up to 1200 but preferably lower), bars/nightlife/shopping and not being more than 30 minutes from work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    The Greater Houston Partnership would be a good place to start your search for a reasonably nice place to live along with the other amenities you seek. The Partnership is the official chamber of commerce for metropolitan Houston and my advice to you is to visit the website where you should be able to either get the answers or be pointed toward various local organizations that can provide immediate help, like apartment locator's for instance.

    You can find the Partnership at Their telephone number is (713) 844-3600.

    Once you make contact with these folks you should ask for a welcome kit. Since you will be coming here in only a few weeks tell them to hurry.

    Once you find out where in the city you are going to work you should ask your new employers for any information they may have (i.e. Housing, etc.) that would be of benefit to someone such as yourself. If you've never been here you are going to be surprised as to how physically large metropolitan Houston is and that rush hour actually goes for hours and hours. Good luck.

    Source(s): Native Houstonian, many years
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    You can live in very nice apartments or condos within walking distance or a very short drive from the Medical Center, Get yourself a decent map of the area and do some long distance shopping via Craigslist to get an idea of the area rentals and what size you can afford in that part of town. You will be stunned (being from New Jersey) at how much apartment you can get in Texas for the money you are willing to spend. Real Estate in Texas is extremely cheap compared to New England.

    Source(s): Lived in Houston for fifteen years
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