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Dying a human hair bjd wig?

Hi. I'm going to dye a bjd (ball jointed doll) human hair wig soon and I was wondering how to do it WITHOUT the dye staining the doll's resin.

Please note: I am not asking how to dye hair nor am I asking where to buy or where to find tutorials on how to make wig caps, wigs, etc. I just want to dye the wig safely without staining my bjd.

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    FYI You cannot use vaseline pn a resin BJD. Nothing greasy!!!

    Human hair dye from a drugstore or beauty shop is used to dye human hair. I personally would not put a dyed wig on a BJD since resin stains pretty easily and I certainly would not use one with a dyed wig cap/base. I also only use dark or bright clothing briefly and try to totally avoid dyed clothing and any bright or dark natural fabrics except for very brief use in photos.

    If you are set on using a dyed human hair wig, at least get a silicone wig cap aka head cap to put under it to help reduce staining.

    If you look at the other place you asked this question (you can find it in Your Activity, your questions) I gave you at least one link about making wigs and wig bases.

    Wigs I like to use on BJDs are faux fur, light or natural colors of sheepskin, synthetic mohair and other synthetic BJD wigs.

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    i think it is better to just style a synthetic wig or human hair wig that originally have your desired color. this might be a better option than to risk staining the resin of your doll.

    and when styling the hair, you might want to place the wig on a small ball made of other material like foam to avoid scratching the surface of your doll. make the foam ball stand with different materials to serve as the neck.

    i think it is always best to find a substitute than actually working on your doll to prevent accidents.

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    I use vaseline on my human customers to prevent the dye from staining their skin. Maybe this would work on your doll?

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