As a tourist to Lebanon, would i expect people to know that the richest banker is a Lebanese Jew?

Just a nice info i stumbled upon, and i just read that 2 Lebanese Jews won Miss Lebanon.


@SB Jews left Lebanon mainly because of the civil war where everyone was killing everyone.

P.S According to the Lebanese Jewish community there are 500 Jew Living in Lebanon and around 2000 Lebanese Jew visit each year. And btw Beirut's Maghen Abraham Synagogue is being renewed.

Update 2:

I don't know if they were anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist riots since people tend to confuse the two terms. However, back then the state used to provide extra-protection for Jews when there was riots. There are interviews and videos with Lebanese Jews abroad,some of them living in Israel and they would say how much there life was fine. Some of them left by fear that something might happen after the 1969,and 1973 war.

About the number i will try to find the official statement i once read and which states there are 500 Jews and 2000 that come for a visit each year

Update 3:

Even if it was an anti-Zionist, any Jew would feel threatened especially after the treatements Jews recieved in other countries regardless if they were Jewish or not. Lebanon is not any Arab country( and Lebanon being an Arab country is still debated),it is used to having different religions and it's quite liberal and Lebanon was the only Arab country to have his Jewish population rise after 1948 as Jews from other Arab countries came here. The major migration happened in 1969 and 1973 as Jews were scared they might be targeted,but i don't think they were ever targeted brefore 1975 where everyone was killing everyone

Update 4:

Any links? i did a quick research, didn't find any detailed article, it just mention that there was a progrom in Beirut, no details.

Update 5:

@Charbel, Christian were never the majority it was 50-50, some claime 55% Christian and 45% Muslims+Druze but it is said that the french boosted the number of Christians for political reasons

Update 6:

@the normal one i always post interesting infos but i have to do that in a form of question so it doesnt get reported. Jews were paranoid and they had every right to be given the treatement in other country, but before the civil war they had nothing to really fear. According to the official site there are 200 jew living in lebonon and 2000 living between lebanon and other countries(even though i could swear that i read somewhere on the official site that it was 500 instead of 2000).

Update 7:

@ShayP Why so agressive. Yeah Najib Mikati is the richest in Lebanon, Safra don't live in Lebanon. There are many Lebanese who are much richer but don't live in Lebanon, as you might know the Lebanese Diaspora is much larger then the number of people living in Lebanon

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    I don't see why particularly the Lebanese would be expected to know that. Yeah, it's prestigious, but mostly irrelevant to their lives and he doesn't live in Lebanon anymore. It's just an interesting tidbit that might invoke some pride in the Lebanese community and the Jewish one too.

    Same goes with Miss Lebanon. Many nations have had Jewish winners.... like India, for example. Given Lebanon's Jewish history it's not expected but not that surprising at the same time... though, it would be nowadays given the state of the community in Lebanon. The Lebanese are probably more sensitive to other people's religions that they might realize this as it's more of a domestic issue, but I wouldn't expect one to know that.

    Jews actually left for both reasons. The Civil war did drive some off, but there were plenty of Jews who left due to harassment and fears concerning the future. Keep in mind that the Jewish community is nearly gone, and if it were just Civil War I'd think that it would be more intact.

    The Maghen Abraham Synagogue is being rebuilt, but the HUGE elephant in the room is "who is going to use it?" The issue is that, while the man in charge claims the Jewish community will return, the reality is probably much bleaker. Funding it now is one thing, especially since not all the fundraisers are Jewish themselves and it'll likely be turned into a museum instead.

    I have to say that, if they are confusing the terms, then they shouldn't: If you can't distinguish between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, then you likely hate both the Jews and the Israelis and/or Zionists (another set of terms confused with each other) if you hate one. I mean, you wouldn't know the difference, right? There are reports and video testimonies of Jews who did feel threatened by the riots and did leave Lebanon because it wasn't safe for them -and in their words - because they were Jewish. Perhaps some didn't, but there are some who did. I do have to point out the current fear that Jews today have to identify as such, which is recorded in modern literature on their community.

  • S B
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    7 years ago

    Would you also expect them to know the Safra family fled Lebanon because of anti-Semitism?

    Also, there was no Jewish Miss Lebanon. It's even less likely for there to be one now, since there are only about 100 Jews left in Lebanon, mostly old people that have no possibility of leaving.

    @ Not what it says on Zoom Info-

    "Facing anti-Jewish riots in Beirut after the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, the Safra's decided to move to Brazil in 1952."

    Also, in the official site of the Jewis of Lebanon it says there are less than 200 of them. How did you get 500?

    @ If a riot is anti-Zionist, then local Jews should not feel threatened or get hurt. If they did, it was plainly anti-Semitic, which is what most anti-Zionistic actions tend to end up being. There's no confusion.

    Most of us tend to look back on our childhoods with gold-tinted lanses, but if life were so fine and happy for Jews among Arabs, there would be more Jews in the Arab world today. But there aren't. Jews were only happy among Arabs when Arabs could barely notice they were there.

    @ Saying Jews were never targeted before 1975 is pure ignorance created by the popular Arab myth of "everything was fine until Zionists came along!"

    Look up the pogroms of Beirut in 1874 and 1868, and the pogrom of Dayir al Qamar in 1847.

    @ Jews were not 'paranoid' they were harrassed. Even in the documentary you posted a few weeks back it said that after the creation of Israel, Lebanese Jews were extorted for money to fund the resistance to Israel because if they didn't pay they'd be considered supporters of Israel and attacked for it. Jews had everything to fear, but if you don't want to acknowledge it, fine, continue on with your insistance of a peachy past that never was.

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    @Radroud that's quite interesting, thanks for the info. :)

    @SB When Radroud said Jews where never targeted in Lebanon proir to 1975 he speaks of the truth. Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East that did not kick out it's Jewish Population after the creation of Israel. (Of course Lebanon was majority Christian back then so that probably explains why it never happened) infact, Judaism is recognized as an official religion in Lebanon, even up till today. The only reason the Lebanese Jews fled Lebanon was because they were right in the middle of the carnage of Lebanese Christians VS Muslims VS Palestinians.

    There's A FaceBook page called: Beirut Megan Abraham Synagogue

    Look it up some time, it's one of many things that prove Jews loved and still love Lebanon.

    @Radroud: According to this old book I have that was published in 1954, Christians in Lebanon made up 52% while Muslims made up 48%.

    Which would make Christians a majority. Since Majority means this: the greater half of a portion.

    Source(s): Lebanese.. ..
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    sure. some immigrated to Israel after the civil conflict and after Israel invaded Lebanon there have been hardly any Jews left. they are affirming that as we talk there is probable in elementary words about 50 or so Jews left in Lebanon compared to 24 thousand in 1948. anybody is guaranteed to associate the folk with the politics so it changed into organic for Jews to sense the prefer to go away after conflict broke between both countries.

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  • Shay p
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    7 years ago

    Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, currently trying to form a new government in Lebanon, was ranked by Forbes as the richest man in Lebanon ..... is he Jewish too.... ?????

    Why so aggressive. who's aggressive ??

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Is one of them nabil?

    BTW, there are fewer than 100 Jews left in Lebanon, and most of them are VERY old.

    Source(s): I'm a Lebanese Jew.
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