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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 8 years ago

Girls, have you been to school wearing barefoot sandals?

I'm a 17 year old girl from Germany. I bought a pair of barefoot sandals in Florida this year during my summer holidays and I'm thinking about wearing them (instead of "real" shoes) to school when the new school year begins next week. I loved to wear them on holiday but I'm a bit shy about doing this at home. Barefoot sandals are hardly known in Germany and I will for sure get a lot of comments about my feet. Does anyone of you have experiences with going to school in barefoot sandals? What reactions did you get? And would you do it again?


To prevent misunderstandings: I talk about this special kind of foot jewelry, not about "normal" sandals. Wearing barefoot sandals to school would mean I would actually go barefoot, just with "stylish" feet :-).

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  • 8 years ago
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    I didn't have any barefoot sandals in high school, but I got a couple pair when I was in college, & I frequently wore them & went to class barefoot. I got some looks from people, but mostly I got a lot of compliments. I wear them frequently now & I love how they dress up my bare feet.

    I wish I'd had some in high school. I used to always get in trouble for going barefoot around school. If I had barefoot sandals people might not have noticed.

    Absolutely I would do it again. I love going barefoot & I still go barefoot as much as I can. I've been doing a personal challenge of sorts to go barefoot all summer. I haven't worn any shoes, sandals or flip-flops since early June.

    From what I've heard, seen & read, Germany is a lot more barefoot-friendly than the US. I would bet most of the reactions you get would be compliments & a lot of people wondering where you got them. You might be a trend-setter!

    I'd say go for it. The worst that can happen is the teacher telling you to put shoes on.

  • 5 years ago

    How To Wear Barefoot Sandals

  • icnu
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    8 years ago

    It would certainly be unusual and unique! Just give it a try but you might get negative reactions from both teachers and pupils. It depends on your social role, if you an outcast or have a lot of friends.

    I would find it cool if I went to class with you just wearing barefoot sandals. I would not have dared the same at your age but I was a coward, frankly speaking ... I might have secretly stared at your bare soles and not dared to speak to you (so be prepared for that reaction as well). Later in life I found that even when I go completely barefoot most don't react at all. However the social atmosphere in school classes can be special with social groups and cliques, some may use it as an excuse to get hostile.

    So try it, have fun and a smile on your face, don't try to hide your feet away but be open and positive, tell anyone curious how much more fun this is than wearing sandals/shoes. Not sure if you will inspire others but at least they may think positive about it as well.

  • 8 years ago

    Well I'm an 18 yr old guy but in my experience, here in the states people are really weird about bare feet. More than anywhere else in the world it seems. Hopefully in Germany it may be a little more barefoot friendly. I would personally find it very attractive that you go to school barefoot. I go barefoot to school as much as I can so Its neat that someone thinks the same way about it. If someone wore barefoot sandals here anywhere but the beach, they would most likely be trying to camouflage their bare feet so that no one notices that they aren't wearing shoes. If people in Germany tend to go barefoot in public more in general then I think you would probably be alright. If people go to your school barefoot sometimes already, that would help your cause because the reactions you would get wouldn't be about you in bare feet AND in barefoot sandals. It would just be about the sandals. And I imagine that you would get good comments about them if this is the case. So I think it would be really cool of you to go barefoot in barefoot sandals to school. Also I think you should take me with you so I can do it too. :) Good luck and be confident in your stylish bare feet. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I am an 18 year old male but I also have an 18 year old girlfriend and we go a lot of places wearing barefoot sandals. When we first went to schoo. There were a lot of reactions some good and some not so good but in the end everyone excepted it and a lot of people started doing it with us. Since you are I girl I would make it a little easier for people to accept. I would paint your nails and wear them with like a toe ring maybe

    Source(s): Most of my junior and senior year of highschool.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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    Yes. My sister is usually barefoot indoors. Actually, always barefoot. Her feet are really nice-looking and they look perfectly fine. In the summer, my sis wears only sandals. Her feet are still small and dainty. So don't worry, your feet are going to be fine.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I have never seen anyone go to school with "barefoot sandals". I tried going to school in slippers a couple time and got in **** because it was a safety hazard, I can only imagine going barefoot. Do you really want your bare feet all over the gross floors? And what if someone steps on your foot?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In America no one bats an eye-lash if you wear sandals to school, my advise would just be to act confidently and act like nothing special is going on! :)

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I went to school with no shoes on at all for two days in a row I was wearing bell bottoms and no one even noticed

    Source(s): it was fun but I stepped in gum one time, don't do it
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I go to school barefoot all the time

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