Would you rather have a boy or a girl, if you had to pick one of these names?

I know it doesn't matter as long as the child is healthy and all the bla bla. I KNOW. So please, don't lecture me on something purely hypothetical, as the given question will never be reality for anyone alright?

Just pretend you have the two names given, one boy name, one girl name. Which one do you like better? The girl name or the boy name, hence: What gender would you prefer to have, if it was solely based on the names?

All names are foreign, all names are listed girl name vs boy name.

Answering "neither" is not an option.

1) (Ava Sophie OR Matthew Jake)

2) (Nenet Isis OR Ravic Amon)

3) (Mardea Seghen OR Jamar Keon)

4) (Evita Coco OR Joaquin Feo)

5) (Jaya Indira OR Lochan Amar)

6) (Meja Els OR Espen Jozef)

7) (Iva Jelena OR Lev Rurik)

BQ: Best name out of the bunch? Worst name out of the bunch?

Thank you!!


I'm so sorry for the triple post!

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  • 6 years ago
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    I really like Nenet Isis because she could have really cute nicknames. Lochan Amar sounds kind of weird to me (it's probably just because I'm American and I've never heard the name before).

    Also, doesn't feo mean ugly in Spanish?

  • 6 years ago

    Ava Sophie

    Ravic Amon

    Jamar Keon

    Evita Coco

    Jaya Indira

    Espen Jozef

    Iva Jelena

    Lev Rurik is the worst name

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