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How to recover short term memory loss from an accident?

No need for detail. Had a bicycle accident on August 5th. Hit my head, had a seizure, was in the hospital for 2 days. Don't remember the accident or the weekend previous. I'm just confused. Why would I have memory loss before the accident actually occured? I know it has somewhat to do with the actual area of the brain injured. FYI, I got hit on the lower back right side of my head.

Been kinda foggy lately. Still have no flash backs or memory of what actually happened to me. Is there a trick to help me remember, IE: meditation, or whatever?

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    When the brain sustains an injury, it very often affects the short term memory capability. That means the things that occurred most recently. Seizures can have the same effect. Say you had a hard drive with all kinds of data on it, from 20 years ago up to the present, and you dropped it. The disk got damaged in a certain spot & you can no longer retrieve data from that area. It doesn't matter if the data on the disk was from yesterday or 20 years ago...from the point in which you dropped it, certain areas of the disk got damaged so you can no longer get to that data anymore.

    The brain is an amazing organ, & it has the ability to reconnect neurons that got broken in an accident. It also can make a healthy part of the brain take over for another part of the brain that may have gotten permanently injured somehow. But it doesn't happen overnight, it takes awhile to heal. Some people get their memories back fully later on, some people get fragments. Others might not ever recover certain parts of their memory. It might come back to you, it might not. I don't think there are any special "brain exercises" you can do, really, to recover lost memory. The best remedy seems to be to give your brain time to heal & try to reconnect its complex network of neurons.

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    i had a car accident 16 years ago and I don t remember anything from the accident!

    5 years after the accident i developed a weakness in my fingers and foots that i still suffering till this date,

    all tests are negative!

    could it be from the repressed memory of the accident?, if i recall the accident memory does this will reverse my weakness ?

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    you could try hypnosis.

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