Moving to Sidney, MT?

I'm currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I got a job offer in Sidney, MT and I am taking it. I'm originally from Mississippi so the country, wide open spaces feel won't be anything new, and I actually can't wait compared to the go fast, mean demeanor of people in south Florida. I have never seen the snow before or even lived with negative temperatures but I figure i can cope. Is there anything that I should know before I get there?

PS!- Oh also I commute to work on a skateboard here in Florida. I know the distances won't allow for any of that up there, but are there decent paved roads to ride on for the fun of it or hills to ride down (again with decent roads)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There are paved roads. There is lots of wide open space.

    You may find your interests shift to other activities.

    Montana is much different than what you are used to.

    Wait till you come to buy Winter clothing. You need good quality. If part of your job requires work outdoors you will need special cold weather things.

    Dress in layers keep you gas tank more than half and PLUG your car in on cold days.

    Keep a few emergency supplies in your car.

    You will learn quickly what a block heater is.

    Be a good neighbor and you will do fine.

    Hunt out the hot springs for a different winter adventure.

    Do not take the cold lightly with a wind you can get in trouble fast if you are not dressed properly

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