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What is up with the richard simmons and glitter gun?

Storyline on gh? what happen to felicia and mac wedding? is richard simmons gay?

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  • 7 years ago
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    1. The whole thing was odd from the get go! Richard Simmons had nothing against Felica/Mac nor were they friends of his so I don't get why he was at the wedding. Yes I know he despises Lucy but why get revenge on her at the wedding? Actually he had his chance and he did nothing... the whole thing was just odd.

    2. Felica and Mac got married but just after they said "I do" Maxie went into labour.

    3. Is Richard Simmons gay? There has been no confirmation from him that he is, clearly he wants to keep his sexual orientation private. However based on his voice and his mannerisms and the way he dresses yes I would say he is homosexual.

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