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What if Harry Potter was a chick...?

I was just wondering what you guys would have thought if he was a she and she would still have James black hair and Lily's green eyes (but she wouldnt have had to wear glasses like harry did XD)

Would Snape still hate her?

And what about Malfoy? Would she have had a chance to end up with him?

And what about the Dursleys? How would they treat her?

And so on....

What do you guys think? :D

3 Answers

  • sissyj
    Lv 6
    7 years ago
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    1. Hard to say. Since Harry looked exactly like James and the female Harry looked only slightly like James (hair color), I think that Snape may not hate her as much as he did Harry. Her eyes wouldn't be hidden by James (and Harry's) round black framed glasses. Also, if she would most likely have the same hair style as Lily (straight), while Harry had his father's messy, unmanagable locks. So, Snape may see more Lily in her, but he would most likely see that as a reason to protect her and not she he in a creepy older man sort of way (looking at the whole Snarry ship for that one). However, given who Snape claimed to be (Death Eater), Snape may have to treat her poorly during classes, since when he taught her, he taught some Death Eaters children as well, including Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott, to name a few. So, he would most likely have to have a grudge against her for what she did when she was a baby, but since he would see Lily in her, he may explain to her that he was sorry and that it was just an act.

    2. No. Malfoy may show some interest in her at first (like when he is in Madam Malkins' robe shop), but when Malfoy discovers her true identity (as the girl-who-lived) and she discovers the way that she treats her friends, it wouldn't last.

    3. Most likely the same as before, if not worse. The female Harry would most likely be a very attractive young girl, so Vernon may be the type of abuser to take it to that level. I won't say which level, since it can most likely be implied. Besides, I don't want to say it (its that disturbing and just plain wrong). While it may not be canon (no abuse was confirmed in the series, outside of the cupboard and Dudley bullying him), for fanfictions, it may be likely to occur.

    It is possible that Dudley could be a girl, since Harry and Dudley were both boys. However, most fanfictions that I read had Dudley as a boy and just had them buy female Harry's clothes at second-hand shops. So, apart from the obvious non-canon abuse changing, very little would change. Girl Harry would most likely still have to have some of the same responsibilities as Harry did, like cooking, weeding, washing the car, etc.

    I personally like the idea of having a female Harry (as long as she doesn't have a romantic relationship with someone from the marauder era, especially not Snape (who is a teacher and may have treated her or her friends badly in class) or Sirius (who was a father figure, so I personally see that relationship as especially creepy seeing as Sirius is supposed to be a father to her, and not a lover). Girl Harry could have dated Fred Weasley (since he died and didn't have anyone), Neville, or some other character around her year or even an OC.

  • Irusan
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Actually, I imagine very little would change, because everything you've listed are things not within Harry's immediate ability to control. For example:

    The Dursleys hated Harry because he was a weird magic-using freeloader, and that wouldn't change even if he were a girl.

    Malfoy hates Harry because of his fame and "special treatment," so that wouldn't change if he were a girl.

    Snape's perception MIGHT change, but as he disliked Harry because of his similarity to James in looks and behavior (seeming to get away with EVERYTHING), I imagine the change would be subtle since Harry would still look nearly as much like James as a girl as he did as a boy. Anyway, another reason for Snape's harsh behavior was to give the impression that he didn't care, so that wouldn't be affected by Harry's gender.

    Since the Harry Potter books are meant for children, romance for girl!Harry would be kept as minimal as it was for boy!Harry. The only major changes I can envision would be Harry's responses to certain things and events, but I believe that, in general, the plots and stories would remain mostly unchanged.

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  • Davirk
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    She would still have to wear glasses. It's genetically required.

    No, or at least less so

    No. The only thing that would have made Draco tollerate Harry is if Harry had started postilizing over his bloodline and had gotten sorted into Slytherin.

    Poorly. Like usual. They hate Harry because Petunia thought that Lily was crazy, James was crazier, and any child of theirs was utterly insane.

    The one thing I can think of that would change is that she probably would take Cedric's death even harder because as I recall literally half the girls in the school were totally in love with him and that would include her?

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