Is it hard to get into Trinity College Dublin as a non EU?

Hi! I was wondering if it is difficult to get into Trinity College in Dublin. I was unable to find the acceptance rate and I really want to attend this school. I read the entrance requirements but that is only to be considered. I live in the states and am going to be a junior. I have a 3.6 GPA (hopefully i will raise it this year) and am going to take AP English this year and as a senior AP environmental science and AP bio. I am an Irish citizen but one needs a residency to be considered EU. I visited the campus last October and fell in love. I have family there and i just love everything about it. One of cousins graduated from TCD and another is going to be a freshman this year. Since I know 2 people who have been admitted I feel that it is not that hard to get into and that they would like Non Eu students since they would pay more, but i am not exactly sure. So do you think i would be able to get into TCD? and i have not taken my SATs but i have been studying a crap load for them for the spring.

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    TCD is no harder to get into than any other Irish university for most courses. In Ireland, supply and demand dictate how easy it is to get the course you want. If there are 40 places available and 100 people apply, the 40 people with the best exam results will be accepted.

    As long as you pay your fees, being an international student shouldn't make it any more difficult for you, especially since you have Irish citizenship.

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