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I Have A question For Teachers?

So its a simple Question

Do you know those worksheets that you guys handed out in High school that said" Houghton mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company " on the side and g.1b etc on the top ?

well my question is where exactly can i find the answers to the worksheets that says Geometry Virgina G.1A - G.14d

My problem is the School I go to sucks and they mixed my paper work up so I now must do this packet When I completed the class 2years ago almost and i really don't have time to do so


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    There is no answer sheet available. You do the work yourself.

    I suppose when it was created, there might have been an answer sheet - but that is in the hands of the teachers only. If you were a teacher, you could call the publishing company and ask for it - but it is more work than its worth, since answering it yourself is easier.

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