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Effective remedies for high THC levels and pee tests?

Before I begin, please keep in mind that I am not looking for comments such as "don't smoke weed" etc. I am in need of help, and facts. I am a 20 year old female, about 5'6" 140 lbs. I got into a car accident five years ago severely injuring my hand and have been heavily using high grade marijuana every day since, about 2-3 grams daily. (No I will not convert to painkillers I've seen too many friends and family become addicted and die) I had an interview for a great job today, got hired and didn't learn until after about the drug test. The test will be between 1-7 days from today. I know that "there is no way to completely flush THC because it is stored in fat cells" but I also know there have been many people in my same situation that have passed. Now, today I spent $45.00 on Strip NC Complete Body Cleanser, containing one fluid ounce and four capsules to take the day of the test. I know many people will say it is a waste but I am trying to play it safe. I also purchased a bottle of Super B Complex Vitamins, tons of water and 100% cranberry juice. Is this the route I should take, from your experience, should I borrow someone elses pee, or is there another effective remedy? I of course intend on not smoking from here forward. Please help! Any relevant advice is HUGELY appreciated!

(I should also mention that every other lab pee test I have taken [probation - years and years ago] I have passed with only water and cranberry juice and also having smoked within that week)

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    More and more companies nowadays drug test. The main reason is financial. Studies have shown that people who use drugs, including Marijuana, have a higher degree of absenteeism and on the job injuries, both of which translate into higher costs for the Company.

    You are limiting yourself on the quality of jobs you can apply for, if you insist on smoking pot. The Employer doesn't care that you smoke it to help with your "pain", that will make him less likely to hire you, because not only do you smoke pot, but you have an ongoing injury that may interfere with your ability to perform your job.

    I am willing to bet, that there are doctors out there, who can determine what is causing your pain, repair it and make you basically pain free. That would be a much better option than to continue to smoke pot.

    I wish you the wisdom to make the smart choices in life.

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    Dude I just use apple juice and cranberry juice. Sometimes cranberry supplements. Good luck.

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    Sneak some Visene in with you, drop a few drops in the sample. I've used that before and always passed.

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