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Office 365 alternative?

I use my office email (it's a webmail) using the email portal 365. I find it really confusing and slow. I'd like to change the portal, what other alternatives are there?


What I meant is that I use my office mail, say . Now has its own webmail, however in my country i cannot use it. Thus, I use office365 email portal to read and reply my mails. Basically I'm using office365 to use email only.

I've tried using the forwarding service but for some reason it only forwards certain emails and not all emails, so i'm looking for another choice other than office365

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am not sure what you mean by saying "portal".

    Gmail is an excellent and free eMail service.

    As an overall alternative to Office 365, I suggest LibreOffice or OpenOffice as free products which are quite competitive with Office and fully compatible, able to use and modify MS Office files.

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